SJWs stream into science: Don’t cite white male geographers

From Carie Mott and Daniel Cockayne, “Citation matters: mobilizing the politics of citation toward a practice of ‘conscientious engagement’” at Journal Gender, Place & Culture: A Journal of Feminist Geography:

Abstract: An increasing amount of scholarship in critical, feminist, and anti-racist geographies has recently focused self-reflexively on the topics of exclusion and discrimination within the discipline itself. In this article we contribute to this literature by considering citation as a problematic technology that contributes to the reproduction of the white heteromasculinity of geographical thought and scholarship, despite advances toward more inclusivity in the discipline in recent decades. Yet we also suggest, against citation counting and other related neoliberal technologies that imprecisely approximate measures of impact, influence, and academic excellence, citation thought conscientiously can also be a feminist and anti-racist technology of resistance that demonstrates engagement with those authors and voices we want to carry forward. We argue for a conscientious engagement with the politics of citation as a geographical practice that is mindful of how citational practices can be a tool for either the reification of, or resistance to, unethical hierarchies of knowledge production. We offer practical and conceptual reasons for carefully thinking through the role of citation as a performative embodiment of the reproduction of geographical thought. More.

Generally speaking, these types of people get the control of information they seek because so many institutions of learning are now run by bureaucrats. Bureaucrats have nothing at stake in an intellectual matter. They can spin tax-funded failure as easily as tax-funded success. And now the mess that has turned so many humanities disciplines into pricey neurotic meltdowns for unstable young adults is invading science.

Even while this quite serious war on reason, evidence, and good scholarly practice is ramping up, the Tone Deaf are carrying on about how to fix people who doubt Darwin on the evidence. See, for example,

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Like we said, the guns are pointing the wrong way. And the problem is getting worse.

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At Aqaba, the guns were facing out to sea but guess what?

Hat tip: Washington Times “ Two feminist geographers are encouraging their colleagues to be more mindful about citing the research of white males because doing so contributes to “the reproduction of white heteromasculinity of geographical thought and scholarship.” (Bradford Richardson)