Rex Murphy: Trudeau must explain how Khadr payout was ever the honourable option

Justin Trudeau – Moral Imbecile

The Khadr stew still simmers.

“The measure of a just society is not whether we stand up for people’s rights when it’s easy or popular to do so, it’s whether we recognize rights when it’s difficult, when it’s unpopular.” That was Justin Trudeau’s initial public response last week in Ireland. The settlement was primarily a matter of national honour.

  • Gary

    Omar Khadr confirmed that Maher Arar was at an Al-Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan and yet the CBC loved Arar and helped in his $400 million extortion case .

    We can’t afford to keep taking in muslims that sue us so they don’t have to ever work in Canada. Now we see muslims at CSIS suing for $35 million for being islamophobic .
    No wonder the nations they fled are islamic hell-holes.

    • ontario john

      I feel real safe knowing that we have muslims in our intelligence agency, that are ranting about Islamophobia.

    • Thanks to Trudeau’s sliminess, we can’t afford any more cases like this. All one has to do, like the questionable human rights tribunals, is make an accusation and wait for a pay-out.

  • The Butterfly

    What terrible thing did we do to deserve Justin Trudeau? Why did God do this to us?

    • SMC_BC

      God didn’t do this to us we did this to ourselves. I think much of the reason why is because of the liberal bias in the education system that’s rampant throughout the country from kindergarten to university.

      • Observer

        Plus the flood of immigrants that started in 1985 when PC Prime Minister Brian Mulroney increased the annual immigration rate from 85,000 to 225,000!

        • Alain

          Included with that came a certain amount of voter fraud aided and abetted by EC.

      • Alain

        True but do not shortchange the MSM. Just read an excellent piece by MP Cheryl Gallant (The Gallant Night News) calling out the MSM on this very topic. Being on her e-mail list even though she represents an Ontario riding I get her updates.

      • shasta

        Not “liberal bias” but postmodernism, an evil doctrine that is rampant nowadays.

    • DMB

      A combination of moral and intellectual decay followed by debasing Canadian citizenship allowing non citizens to vote along with no means test in order to determine mental competency when voting. Also spineless Conservative politicians who acted as enablers to the Liberal media specifically the CBC which in turned “rewarded” them by supporting the Liberals.

      • bob e

        needs her green hat with the red star ..

  • ontario john

    In part, Trudeau took the stance he did, to undo the efforts of Harper. Every action and speech he gives, he blames Harper. He is a petty little bastard.

    • New Centurion

      If Harper found the cure for cancer, he’d undo that too. Putz.

    • Emphasis on the last bit.

      And the first bit.

  • Waffle

    Rex is usually wise and credible but in this instance, he is joshing us and adding to the confusion.


    Are our memories so damned short that we have already forgotten Ralphie’s explanation just after the leak? Has everyone forgotten how he said it had already cost us about $5 million in court costs(sorry, I am so angry I can’t be bothered to look it up and provide a proper link), so the government was doing us all a big, fat favour and saving us even more money in a matter that we were bound to lose?


    And, as usual (it’s a well-worn Liberal sleight-of-hand manouvre), they have us all looking over here when the real action is going on over there (Kathleen Wynne does it ALL the time). There are strong hints from some very credible people that the Khadr payout might well be more than $10.5 million.

    First of all, the documents are not available. They are conveniently confidential. Secondly, any reference to the funds is couched in very specific terms — i.e., violation of rights, bla, bla. You just know that there is more than is left unsaid. It hangs like a suffocating miasma over the whole, stinking affair.

    So now, very late in this fast-moving game, we have a very contrite Justin (Gawd, he is an abominable actor!!!) mouthing platitudes about honour. Who was it that said patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel?

  • Shebel

    I this extreme sense of Deja vu— nice speech Justin.

    • Waffle

      Nice catch but the honours go to Butthead. Justinian is merely a Charley McCarthy dummy.

      • Shebel

        It sounded good at the Time.
        Then, I read some more
        And knew it wasn’t.
        What the Hell.

  • Bla Bla

    Lets see the list so far…
    Jihadi Justin
    Taliban Trudeau

    Any more?

    • Tooth&Claw

      Selfie Queen

    • mobuyus

      imam trudeau Grand Muktar of Ottawa.

  • Ann

    We know that many Canadian and allied soldiers were killed or injured by IED. Now contrast Khadr’s settlement to the compensation given to the injured + families of fallen soldiers. It gives you this uneasy feeling wondering if any of the IED Khadr made or buried maimed or killed any soldiers before he himself was injured and captured.

    Apart from Speer and Morris, we really don’t know if Khadr killed or injured other soldiers. Without knowing this, Trudeau displayed where his loyalty lies – not with the soldiers but with a treacherous little rat making it so easy for him to betray them and by extension us.

    This is not the last time Trudeau will betray us, it’s just a test run as he tries to chip away at our values and our brave military, something he doesn’t share or understand.

  • Ho Hum

    This story must not die – Jihadi-Justin must be dogged by this the rest of his life. If the “conservatives” were smart they would be running ads calling Trudeau a terrorist supporter and traitor to Canada calling for his resignation.

    • Shebel

      He IS a fucking traitor.

    • Waffle

      He is quite mad/insane and totally unfit for office. He must be removed.

    • Billboards?

  • DMB
  • Gary

    Justin loves to hold up the Charter Of Rights when it suits him. But he was caught defended girl babies being killed via abortion just because he was trawling for votes in the South Asian community where the babies were BROWN and the mothers were BROWN immigrants.
    Justin’s own wife is pro-Life . When Sikh terrorists slaughter 260 Canadians by the bomb they planted on a 747 to blow-up over the Atlantic …..the CBC and Liberals didn’t care as much as they didn’t for the jihad slaughter 5 years later where 14 French-Canada white Catholic Quebec female students were the victims.
    Why ? Well…..even when a large number of the 260 death on the 747 were children , the total of 329 death were BROWN Immigrants and BROWN Canadian born children.

    The 4 Shafia women killed by the Honour killing from the male muslms in the family wasn’t a real crime according to the CBC because they too were BROWN victim or BROWN killers.

    Watch for Omar to get a CBC TV show to do Dawah and show how dangerous it is to build IED’s.