Omar Khadr’s legal battles could last for years

Omar Khadr may have won the first round in a fight over the enforcement of a $134-million US judgment against him, but his legal ordeal could stretch on for years, possibly ending up at the Supreme Court.

“Mr. Khadr could very well have a long road ahead of him before the courts in Canada,” said Matt Latella, a Toronto-based litigator with Baker & McKenzie who specializes in cross-border proceedings.

The widow of Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Speer, a U.S. special forces medic, and former sergeant Layne Morris were awarded $134 million US in damages in 2015 by a Utah court in their wrongful-death suit against Khadr. They filed an application in Ontario Superior Court to have that judgment recognized and enforced.

I hope Khadr never knows a moment’s peace.