UNESCO in Ruins: Anti-Semitism and the Perversion of Cultural Heritage Preservation

The timeworn synagogue of Alqosh, nestled at the base of the Bayhidhra Mountains in the governorate of Nineveh, is one of Iraq’s few remaining Jewish houses of prayer. Vegetation has reclaimed the courtyard, and the outbuildings have been repurposed as rubbish tips, but inside the structure, amidst an array of rough-hewn ogival arches, rests the synagogue’s claim to fame — the 2,700-year-old plaster sarcophagus of the prophet Nahum the Elkoshite, comfortably ensconced beneath a green hand-sewn cloth.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    This is one of the closest things I can get to that feeling in Manitoba.

  • Gary

    The reason why muhammad wants every trace of other faiths destroyed is that once there is no history for the valid Faiths with a real god ….it’s easier to fool the ignorant masses that islam was always on earth and is the only faith from god to get to paradise.

    The communists and leftist in the USA want to tear down all the statues and symbols linked to 1776 so that the next generation of low IQ automatons will embrace the Globalism with more illegals while the debt keeps going up as if it’s FREE money from a magical money machine .

    These two fascist groups of homicidal maniacs are aligned as one force by their shared hatred to destroy the USA and the faith based Morals and Laws.
    They are both built by morons with no foresight to see their folly where their kind have failed in the past for global domination as the Master Race. Of the two it is the Communists and Antifa groups that are the dumbest because islam is using them for now but once they have no more value all of the minority groups now supporting the islamists will be killed off. As will the fellow muslims not devout enough that are seen as apostates rejecting the quran and muhammad in its whole and pure form .

    Currently , the idiots in islam that deny ISIS and Hamas are muslims or even linked to islam will be among the muslims killed off as apostates.

  • Hard Little Machine

    All traces of the UN should be demolished since they clearly stand on the ruins of something else.