Nobel laureate and Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo dies at 61

Liu Xiaobo, the famed Chinese dissident who won the Nobel Peace Prize while jailed for his pro-democracy writings, has died in a hospital in northeastern China at the age of 61.

The Chinese judicial bureau said Liu died Thursday of multiple organ failure. Liu had terminal liver cancer and had been granted parole in June after his diagnosis but remained under virtual house arrest.

Justin is secretly glad in his heart.

  • Tom Forsythe

    Ted Cruz is leading an effort to name the street the Chinese embassy is on after Liu. That way, any time anyone sends them mail, or asks for directions to the embassy, they have to use his name.

  • ontario john

    Trudeau’s Chinese billionaire buddies, will be making a call to the little dictator to tell him not to mention this death.

  • Just as the Chinese wished: a dead dissenter away from the West.