How Social Media Stifles Free Speech

One of the greatest contemporary battles for individual liberty and freedom of the press is being conducted in cyber space.

Today, political, journalistic and corporate elites are in the process of trying to control, and even rewrite, “story lines” of history and current events with which they might disagree, and that they see slipping through their fingers.

It is a form of censorship akin to banning the printing press or preventing open debate in the literal and proverbial public square.

Facebook, for example, also often permits real hate speech while banning websites that expose this hate speech.

  • Gary

    If you check the CBC archives you will find that they purged not only 9/11 stories about muslim terrorists doing it , but some News stories were pulled to edit the Digital WORD format and take out any link to islam or muslims and then re-post it.
    here’s a video by Ezra at REBEL where he exposed how Trudeau told a US media outlet to edit to remove their Report on the Quebec mosque shooting. The muslims IN the mosque had said that 2 black clad person came in with AK-47’s while they heard one speak with a Middle East accent in Arabic as they shot up the mosque while on re-loaded to keep shooting.
    But just 9 hours later the CBC and others change the narrative to where the shooter was a French accent white christian male that supported Trump.
    Are muslims that stupid to mix up 2 hooded persons speaking arabic with 1 white male French speaking trump supporter????

  • northofnowhere

    Social media censorship doesn’t protect one from reality, it controls what reality is for the proletariat.