Defend Europe to begin patrolling the Mediterranean to stop migrants and ‘expose humanitarian groups’ collaboration with smuggling mafias’

A group of far-right activists has hired a boat to patrol the Mediterranean and prevent would-be migrants from reaching Europe.

The ‘Defend Europe’ vigilante scheme was announced by anti-immigration campaigners from France, Italy and Germany after they managed to crowdfund the 76,000 euros ($87,000) needed to rent a vessel.

The plan aims ‘to expose the true face of so-called humanitarian organisations, their collaboration with smuggling mafias, and the deadly consequences of their actions at sea,’ according to organiser Clement Galant.

‘When boats full of illegal migrants cross, our mission is to call the Libyan coastguard so that they can come and rescue them,’ he said in a video posted on social media.

  • Oracle9

    “Far-right” again. Can’t journalists just grow up and name defenders something less pejorative, for a change?

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      At least they stopped routinely using the word fascist, so I guess they are getting better.

    • terrence22

      one of the comments at the DM article said: “And please DM, stop labelling everybody with common sense as “far right”.

  • Gary

    I’ve said before that there is a refugee Centre in the High Park area that started off to do good to rescues Catholics from Central America but they now do really well ($$$$) to take in illegals that are smuggled into the USA from Mexico and get shuttled up to canada for a refugee claim for all the free stuff.
    I’ve seen pro-hamas rallies held at the Office and vehicles with US Plates because in some cases the fake refugee has fake ID and comes in as a “tourist”
    by the smugglers network. They get to Toronto for all the Documents to be filled out by Lawyers to get Welfare and Health care…. then they are dropped off at the border crossing to declare they are a refugee . The paper work is done and a Car is waiting to drive them back to Toronto where the Lawyers then files the papers that day.
    Charities are now allowed to get money from the Government….so the scam by the Centre is to own the Rental income Houses( 5 of them ) where the “refugees” moves in to pay the rent from the Welfare money which is really from the Government as their loophole to keep the CRA happy for the Charity Status.
    Muslims and Mexicans are now a big business for them as a supply of renters and business for the Lawyers where i saw a nice size Cheque by the Immigrant and Refugee lawyers that was a Donation to a charity for tax reason.

    We’re getting screwed from all angles . The media and Politicians didn’t care about this which I found out later on the big WHY ?
    The NDP MP was inside the CAW prior to politics…… the records showed that the CAW donated $200,000.00 to the Centre for a project to build more rental units on their existing properties to bilk more Money and house more illegals.
    City Hall had Councillors tied to this Centre while a few Fax documents showed the phone numbers for Ottawa and I traced them to MP Offices.
    The local MPP was in the NDP and knew about this scam while the federal Liberals sent the G.G. to visit the place for a photo-op where I saw that the children and adults were selected as a ruse to fit the cover story that they help Catholic being oppressed in Central America.
    Since refugees get FREE Full-Dental coverage , there have been 4 new Dental Offices open up since 2010 where they do Implants that cost $4000.00 and up and must do lots of business from refugees because the locals can’t afford it and have basic Benefits from work.

    When Canada goes broke and we are running to somalia or Mexico as refugees…. these parasites will just find another sucker nation to destroy thanks to Liberals and Leftists that don’t believe that evil exists.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The European Defenders would do a more effective job if they bought a submarine instead and recreated the Wilhelm Gustloff, the Goya and the Steuben.

    • WalterBannon

      motor torpedo boats, cheap, fast, effective

  • WalterBannon

    They should mount a hidden 105 mm deck gun for sinking these migrant ships, plus a couple M134 miniguns for strafing any survivors. Pirates should never leave survivors. Also a few spare flags from other countries so they can evade the treasonous Italian navy when they show up to smuggle the migrants into Italy.

    • andycanuck

      Q-ships! Good idea.