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Donald Trump sued for blocking people on Twitter

The president’s unprecedented Twitter use – which he has said is “modern day presidential” – has landed him a range of criticism in recent weeks. But the new lawsuit actually focuses not on his tweets but something else more private: his blocking critics on the site.

The new case argued that it is unconstitutional to stop people following him on Twitter. (Blocking people bans them from seeing your tweets or sending replies to them while signed into the blocked account.)

Halifax mayor addresses plan to ‘forcibly remove’ Cornwallis statue

Halifax Mayor Mike Savage has expressed concerns about a plan to “forcibly remove” the Edward Cornwallis statue this weekend.

The administrators of Removing Cornwallis, a Facebook group for the event planned for Saturday, invite people to join them “to peacefully remove” the statue of Halifax’s founder, who issued a bounty on Mi’kmaq scalps in 1749.

Taxpayer-Funded University Gives Out Social Justice Certificates For WEARING SWEATERS

The student government at taxpayer-funded Western Washington University formally offers a “sustainable office certification” to reward administrative offices and academic departments for their efforts to “improve social justice, human health, the local economy and ecological sustainability.”

Administrators and professors on campus can earn the certification by agreeing to engage in several practices which include wearing sweaters when it’s cold and taking mandatory work breaks each day to walk or stretch.

When Canada meets with the Islamic world, who’s calling the shots?

You’ve got to wonder what was being said behind closed doors earlier this week by the Canadian delegation that attended a meeting of the world’s largest group of Islamic countries.

Did everyone find common ground on the top issues of the day? Did we stand up for the progressive views Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is known and loved for around the world?

Who was doing the lobbying and who got lobbied?

Florida: Jury quickly finds Muslim’s discrimination claim “totally without merit”

A group of Orange County deputies did not harass a fellow deputy because he is Muslim, a federal jury decided Monday.

Waleed Albakri had sued the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, where he worked from 2008 to 2014, alleging that co-workers called him a “terrorist,” among other derogatory terms, and started a criminal investigation against him because of his religion.

“The sheriff is pleased with the outcome,” the county’s attorney, Mark Levitt, said Monday evening. “The jury quickly recognized that Mr. Albakri’s claim was totally without merit.”

Chelsea Clinton Accused of Stealing Book Idea, Sued

Chelsea Clinton is being accused of stealing the idea for her book She Persisted and is facing a lawsuit for it.

Christopher Janes Kimberley, 56, of Albany, N.Y., is suing Clinton and her publisher, Penguin Random House, in federal court for $150,000 for copyright infringement the New York Post reports.

In the court documents, Kimberley alleges that Penguin Young Readers president Jennifer Loja passed Kimberley’s submission to Clinton. Kimberley’s book, A Heart Is the Part That Makes Boys And Girls Smart, has a similar premise of focusing on inspiring women through history. It also has similar images and at least three of the same quotes that are in Clinton’s book.

Like watching a fledgling chick learning to fly.

AP Stylebook Instructs Writers Not to Use Words Like ‘Pro-Life,’ ‘Refugee’ & ‘Terrorist’

The AP Stylebook, published by The Associated Press, is intended to provide universal guidelines for journalists when it comes to stylistic things like punctuation, capitalization and using certain words over others.

The 2017 edition of the stylebook directs writers to avoid words like “pro-life,” “migrant,” “refugee,” “Islamist” and “terrorist.”

Rachel Alexander, an opinion contributor for The Hill, said on “Fox & Friends” this morning that this is an attempt to promote language that liberals tend to favor.


Chicago: Muslim threw her newborn baby from high-rise window to death, gets probation

Uddin became pregnant by her boyfriend but did not tell her family because she knew her Muslim parents from Pakistan would not approve, prosecutors said at the time she was charged. Uddin gave birth to the 7-pound, 11-ounce girl and threw the infant out the window when she heard her mother approaching the bedroom, according to prosecutors.

Coulter: Republican Obstructionists ‘Hate Trump Every Bit As Much As MSNBC Does’

Coulter said, “I do think we’re getting a little Republican obstructionism with Trump as well. Come on. It takes 51 votes to confirm a nominee, so they put in, what, these blue slips and say, ‘no I’m holding.’ A one-person filibuster? No. McConnell should say you’ve taken this too far. We’re not going to let you put in your blue slips or yellow slips or whatever they call them and have one person stop a nominee. In one case, Thom Tillis, he is going precisely against the Trump agenda. He refuses to confirm the head of the Immigration Service unless he can get a bunch more cheap foreign workers for the Chamber of Commerce.”

What 3 legal minds think about the Omar Khadr settlement

It has been a week since word leaked that the federal government had agreed to pay Omar Khadr a settlement of $10.5 million to resolve his civil suit over allegations of mistreatment and breaches of his charter rights.

According to an Angus Reid Institue survey released Tuesday, many Canadians seem unhappy about the payment, but also seem to believe that Khadr has not been treated fairly.

The Liberals and Conservatives, meanwhile, have staked out diametrically opposed positions.

The government argues that it had “virtually no chance” of winning the case, that further contesting Khadr’s suit would have cost more and that, above all, an individual’s rights were violated.

  • ontario john

    And now the Thursday Toronto Star. Themes are Trump is an evil bastard, everything about Trudeau is wonderful, and Heather Mallick thinks all Canadians should follow the advice of proud communist Naomi Klein. Because her favorite country in South America has done so well. Well, if you ignore the famine, riots, and collapse of their currency.

  • ontario john

    National Post is excited about the ground breaking new movie coming out of Hollywood. Yes brave Hollywood has a movie that is a comedy about a religious group. Its the funny story about sex starved nuns. I’m sure they will have a fun filled comedy about Islam soon.

  • H

    “Uddin … threw the infant out the window when she heard her mother approaching the bedroom.” Or otherwise she herself would likely have been tossed out that window – or worse. Chalk another one up for islam and its backward adherents.

  • Exile1981

    On Omar – the feds should have done the morally right thing and dragged it out througg the courts and supreme court until they lost then used the not withstanding clause to leaveomar holding a lot of legal costs.

    That would have been the smart move, but it would have pissed off muslims. So instead justin caves to terrorism to support the 3% muslim population vs the 78% of canadians who oppose this. I think that makes us 2nd class citizens already.

    • They should have stripped him of his citizenship and air-dropped him over some Islamic hellhole.

      • Exile1981

        I’m betting the US soldiers who captured him are regretting not putting a bullet in his brain.

  • jayme

    ‘The 2017 edition of the stylebook directs writers to avoid words like “pro-life,” “migrant,” “refugee,” “Islamist” and “terrorist.”

    So instead of “pro-life” they presumably will recommend “anti-abortion”, to slip in that negative subliminal association. That one’s easy. For “migrant” and “refugee”, how about “future Prime Minister”, or perhaps “lord” or “master”? And for “Islamist” or “terrorist”? Hmm, perhaps “peaceful political protesters”, or “freedom fighters”, or “excluded minorities” or “women’s rights activists”, or maybe even “LGBT activists”: All are workable possibilities.

    • andycanuck

      Worse. I bet the approved usage will be “anti-choice”.

      The MSM here suffered a backlash trying to do that years ago so they decided to use what the two groups call themselves instead (pro-life and pro-choice).

  • marty_p

    Toronto Star & Crescent continues with its support of the Kadr deal with an pro Mo Op Ed that says:
    “Islamophobia arises from a wilful refusal to recognize that Muslims deserve the same protections from being tortured, banned, and killed as other human beings…
    According to a poll by Angus Reid, 91 per cent of Conservatives, 61 per cent of Liberals, and 64 per cent of NDP voters are against the settlement; 43 per cent of Canadians wouldn’t even have apologized for Canada’s participation in his ordeal.”
    In other words the majority of Canadians are racist Islamophobes.

    • Maybe if Muslims stopped torturing, banning and murdering… Ask The Dhimmi Star to open a Church in Saudi Arabia, they can kiss my ass.

    • bargogx1

      Outrageous statements like that are the reason The Star has no comments sections for their articles. They know damn well they’d be ripped to shreds.

  • Liberal Progressive

    I don’t see the problem with Canada sending close Trudeau advisor Liberal MP Omar Alghabra to the annual meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

    While Canada may not be an Islamic state now, we soon will be.