Canadians know Trudeau got it wrong on Khadr

Canadians get it. Most think Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was wrong to compensate Omar Khadr, and wrong to do it in a secret deal.

Now we have the public opinion data to show it.

  • The Butterfly

    But how about those beautiful locks?

  • Spatchcocked

    Locks and socks…….he’s so cool……….and his wife!!! Have you heard her sing ??

    • Surele Surele

      unfortunately I did. I wish I could un-hear that.

  • Gary

    Khadr and Maher Arar were victims of islam and suffered outside of Canada . Arar is still a Syrian with a Canadian Passport and he is only in canada to avoid the Military service in his Homeland for all able males at about 19 years of age if born in Syria.

    With over 3,000,000 dual citizens and close to 2,000,000 outside Canada for jobs or retired …..we can NOT afford to rescue them if they make bad choices to get in trouble where they are or in their Homeland.
    Dan McTeague from the Liberals had bashed Harper over Hezballah’s illegal war against israel being wage from Lebanon where about 14,000 muslims supporting Hezballah wanted to be rescued and claimed to have Canadian passports .
    We rescued them but many arrived in Montreal and made refugee claims to scam the system while some appeared in the anti-israel parade 2 weeks later in Montreal that was really a pro-hamas /Hezballah march by MUSLIMS.
    It cost about $85,000,000.00 for these 14,000 “tourists” wanting to come back to canada . But by the end of 2006 our Consulate in Lebanon reported that just over 9,000 of those “tourists” went back to Lebanon because they reported as being there to be registered if they wanted to be rescued again by islamic terrorism’s civil wars and illegals wars.

    Dan McTeague went silent about his crusade that looks to have costed us $55 million by jew-hating muslims where some made refugee claims here and weren’t Canadian citizens,or just used fake ID to get welfare .
    But hey, MP McTeague was linked to a Sunni mosque in Pickering that torched its own mosque as a ruse to get an illegal Saudi Funded Jew-hating Mega-mosque .
    The Imam , that’s also linked the hamas-funding CAIR and helped Maher Arar with his $400 million extortion lawsuit , wasn’t too swift because of that 1400 year inbreeding for muslims where he got the Mosque custodian to call 9-1-1 about a fire and damage at 3:00 am where the Phone number was traced to inside the Mosque.
    Not too smart, no wonder islam hasn’t invented anything for over 500 years where muslims must rely on jews and infidels to get clean water , electricity, cars , radios , PC’s , Planes , TV’s and welfare from being unemployable went in Canada and the USA.

  • Linda1000

    Once again, thanks eastern Canada. Y’all breed some kind of wonderful over there.

    • Clink9

      Glass houses.

      • Linda1000

        Lol You have a point as a lot of bad eastern invaders have infiltrated Alberta in recent years (proof is our recent Commie NDP AB gov’t.) but you guys (ON and Que.) still swing the federal elections. Where in the hell did that Edmonton Khadr lawyer come from anyway? I think Canada is done anyway especially if Trudope wins a second term (and he will because of his nice hair or whatever).

        • Clink9

          And Calgayery’s mayor is a real cutie.

  • irishrus

    Hope this sticks to Turdeau like a Lewinski on a Clinton

  • What are Canadians going to do about it?

    Trudeau is actually defending this.

    Where is that no-confidence motion?

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Caucus revolt, please.

      • That’s too much to ask.

      • Alain

        Not likely, since they had to all fall into the pro-abortion line in order to be a Liberal member. Therefore it is unlikely to find any with the courage and morals to contest this, to say nothing of the over representation of Muslims in Cabinet.

    • Alain

      I am sure the NDP agree with this, so there are not enough Conservatives to carry a non-confidence motion.

      • It’s time for Scheer to get off of his @$$ and make this happen.