BART Officials Hide Videos of Black Mob Violence

Eureka! Look no more for the Rosetta Stone, the smoking gun, the Holy Grail of how reporters and public officials are in denial, deceit, and delusion about black criminality so wildly out of proportion.

We found it. And it is a doozy: Transit officials in the San Francisco area do not release videos of black criminality because they do not want to make the black kids angry.

Yes, they say that.

  • Alain

    Were San Fransisco a country, it would be called Canada.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Rotherham-by- the-Bay.

  • Gary

    The sanctuary State . At first they said they couldn’t show video because they were minors. Hmmmmm , so BART knew the age of every thug just from the video with NO arrests.

    The tipping point is getting close. Pretty soon patriots with guns are going to give-up on the Leftists progressive controlled Police and just blow the heads off the next bunch of punks that think Obama and Loretta Lynch are still in power to endorse murdering white people or raping white women.
    It will be Blacks, Muslims, illegals , antifa , Leftists and SJW having to be ID’d at the morgue by their Mother that will be shocked because their sweet little child said they wanted to be a Doctor and work for free in an Orphanage for kids with cancer, aids , autism and ADD. Their little child helps out at a soup kitchen for the homeless and was gunned own and murdered by a white supremacy Trump supported for no reason .
    Right lady…just ignore the Video of them with a pipe smashing in the brains of a senior citizen and robbing passengers on a bus as other rape women and behead the driver.
    He’s a good boy ….never been in trouble and doesn’t do drugs.

    Standard PR press release for the Lawyer to give the CBC and STAR by the mother from Jane&Finch in welfare housing.

  • Martin B

    Nice to know that BART officials care so much about the safety of the taxpayers who pay their salaries and pensions.

    • Exile1981

      They make enough money they don’t have to ride it.

  • BillyHW

    Reality is racist.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    There is only one race; the human race.
    Unfortunately blacks aren’t in it.
    Okay, perhaps that was too harsh. I’ll try again.
    There are on two races; black and all other races.
    There, that’s as charitable as I get tonight.

  • Editor

    They would have released the videos, most people would have gone meh . . . Same old, same old. This misguided, social justice, apologist approach has turned this decision into a national if not world news event. BART’s Kerry Hamill needs to read up on The Streisand Effect or BART needs a whole new communications team. This is Internet 101 level stuff.