Turn Left and Go Over the Top

Radical opponents of free speech can’t tolerate hearing anything new.

Pity the poor members of the Resistance. They decried violence on the right—only to have GOP congressman Steve Scalise shot by rifle-wielding left-winger James T. Hodgkinson. Then, a group of theater professinals decried any attempt to quash a staging of Julius Caesar with the title character, caparisoned as Donald Trump, assassinated with shouts of revenge and gouts of blood. But soon afterward, yet another assemblage of theater professionals decided that censorship was a good thing after all.

  • Alain

    Along the same line I read a bit earlier than some of them have launched a lawsuit against the president claiming that his blocking them on his Twitter is unconstitutional. While the free speech remains protected in the United States as opposed to the rest of the West, it does NOT mean people are obligated to listen to your rants, threats and lies.