Scumbag Muslim terrorist murderer Omar Khadr fights back at efforts by U.S. soldier’s widow to go after his assets

TORONTO — The widow of an American soldier killed in Afghanistan has failed to show there’s a real risk former Guantanamo Bay prisoner Omar Khadr is hiding his money as a way to avoid paying people he might owe, new court filings show.

In urging Ontario Superior Court to dismiss a request for an injunction against Khadr, his lawyer argues Tabitha Speer and another former American soldier have not shown a strong case to back their demand for an urgent freeze on any money paid him by the federal government.

“The scant evidence offered in support of this pleading consists of double and triple hearsay statements drawn from media reports and Wikipedia,” lawyer Nate Whitling writes in his factum ahead of Thursday’s court hearing.

“The hearsay now relied upon by the applicants is so vague and unreliable as to be of zero probative value.”

  • WalterBannon

    This Omar Khadr business is obscene.

    Trudeau is the real scumbag here.

    I hope he has a stroke and dies.

  • Alain

    They really need to appeal to their president to get involved, for this is BS and too disgusting for words to describe.

  • Ann

    Apart from fighting a widow + children and an injured soldier, Khadr + by extension Trudeau govt are attempting to go after Robert Fife of the Globe + Mail for having had the nerve to print:

    “The Trudeau government has quietly paid a $10.5-million settlement to Omar Khadr in a move that circumvents legal efforts by two Americans”

    What is misleading is that everything we know about Khadr came via newspapers in particular Toronto Star they advocated on his behalf. It must come as a shock for Khadr and his lawyers that they no longer are in control of the media narrative.

    Never has Khadr’s claims been cross-examined.They’ve always been taken at face value.

    That G+M leak nailed Khadr, Trudeau and his lawyers – cause it showed what they’re all about and they were seen for what they are, a bunch of real pricks.

  • Gary

    Thanks to the post 9/11 muslims pouring into Canada and the failed Jihad plots , the US border is slowly sealing up while the RCMP is now spending $50.00 per muslim for Security dealing with islamic terrorism. During the Arar inquiry I watched how people agreed that the 2 million plus dual-citizen outside Canada can no longer be expected to be rescued by Canada when they choose to go into war zones or engage in civil disputes to be arrested and jailed.
    Maher Arar only had his Passport for about 4 years and was still a Syrian Citizen which Trudeau feels that ” a Syrian is a Syrian is a Syrian ” first
    . Just promised pro-jihad muslim immigrants that if they do jihad to slaughter us they will NOT lose their Citizenship.

    Under the old Citizenship laws ( pre-Liberal cultural suicide ) , Maher Arar could not have used our Passport so quickly to globe trot to pro-Jihad nations or visit radical mosque in the USA expecting us to bail him out when caught by Security forced as a suspected pro Al-qaeda muslim. In Arar’s case, he was a draft-dodge from the Syrian Military service laws and could not return to Tunisia from JFK Airport and had to meet his family in Jordan to fly back to Canada on a direct flight.
    He was nabbed in Jordan and taken back to his homeland because ” A Syrian is a Syrain is a Syrian ” no matter if he had a Canadian Passport for about 4 years. Many nations have a Military serviced imposed on their youth and if they come to canada to avoid it there can be a provision to pay a set amount of money as a quasi-fine.

    Khadr’s dad and mother used Canada to pump out children here for protection when they are taken back to the middle East for terrorism and can get FREE Health care where injured while waging war once back in Canada.
    Toronto is turning into a hell-hole with over 50% as non-canadian background and visible minorities loyal to the nation they fled while wanted more and more FREE stuff which the Mayors cater to plus the Provincial and Federal leaders because of the number of Electoral Seats in the GTA that can swing an Election. Trudeau won with just 39% of the votes and now acts like a King as his MP’s keep saying that they are listening to Canadians and changing the Governing system which they wanted us to do.

    • Alain

      I know which is why I can never forgive Harper for caving on that using the argument that the courts would have granted him more. Even if they tried, nothing stopped Harper from using the not withstanding clause.

      • Gary

        In 1985 a Judge ruled the Tourists were a Minority and thus protected by the Charter Of Rights to get all the Social services and make refugee claim with Legal AID.
        Since then , we spend about $700,000,000.00 a year for refugee costs while the system has a 70%+ failure rate. That’s $500,000,000.00 a year for a paid Vacation in Canada with FREE Dental care ,health care , housing , schooling for kids , Legal AID to sue us , and $25,000.00 each for the birth of their child while here. It can take up to 18 years to kick out a failed refugee… that why Wynne ran her last campaign by telling illegals that Ontario will give them FREE Health care and Full dental if Harper denied their refugee claims.

        Nobody has had the guts to use the Notwithstanding clause to stop inland Refugee claims where any of the 7,000,000,000 people outside Canada can come here to step on out soil and never have to work for the rest of their life while some muslims can sue us for $10 million from harm back in the homeland or during a war .
        Toronto now cries Poor but takes in thousands of illegals, Wynne now cried Poor and wants Justin to bail her out but they don’t get it that there is only 1 group of taxpayers that fund all of the circuses at the 3 levels .

        • Alain

          This is exactly pure judicial activism and should never have been allowed to stand. You are correct that the government should have used the Notwithstanding clause, but no federal government has had the guts to use it. The Quebec government is the only one that freely uses it, but even the other provincial governments lack the guts to do the same. Of course such judicial activism was only made possible due to Trudeau’s charter. I hate to say it but I think things will only continue going downhill, because there will never be the required consensus to repeal these disastrous changes to our constitution; too many career politicians at all levels riding on the gravy train.

  • New Centurion

    Unfortunately, in Canada we have a “Legal” system not a “Justice” system. If this were a justice system, Mr Khadr would still be rotting in Gitmo. CBC tapped into three great legal minds (lawyers) who of course, thought that Canada had no choice but to pay out. In other “Canada is a bullshit country” news, the Ceebs reported that a judge has ruled you can lie your ass off, get your citizenship fraudulently and STILL get to keep it! Canadian citizenship is a right not a privilege. Effed up eh?

  • Whitling let Khadr plead guilty. Whitling also didn’t address why the government made this deal a secret or why Trudeau was out of the country when the secret got out.

    Either Whitling is a dolt or is incredibly immoral.

    I think the latter.

    • Alain

      I suggest being a lawyer makes it pretty clear which of the two it is.

      • Yep.

        What scum. These people are battling a widow with small children.

        Who are the bigger pieces of sh– : these guys or the people who support them?

  • Malcolm Y

    The US should grab him torture him to death and send the video to all the news organizations.

    • Gary

      Maher Arar didn’t learn from his globe trotting to chum around suspect terrorists.
      He ran to the media recently to make Harper look evil because Canada wouldn’t help his family get the travel VISA to fly to Saudi Arabia for a “vacation” . It was his ” vacation” in Tunisia to stay with hamas linked relatives that caused his first problem to be refused entry to the USA by him self as a Syrian with a canadian passport.

      How F’d up does a mother have to be to want to vacation in Saudi Arabia with a daughter almost at marriage age and that they could be jailed for some fake reason and we have ot bail them out again only to be sued again.
      If muslims don’t like staying in Canada..don’t come here as sloths to sue us so you never have to get a job .

  • Shebel

    Maybe it is time for Christians to start issuing Fatwas.

    A 1 million dollar fatwa for the head of Omar unless he apologies for his Sins and hands his BLOOD money to the people whose lives he destroyed.