Muslim refugees to US are declining as Christians overtake them

(RNS) Christians made up the majority of refugees admitted to the U.S. in the first five full months of the Trump administration, reversing a trend that saw Muslims entering the country at higher numbers under President Obama, a new Pew Research report shows.

Out of all the refugees who arrived between President Trump’s inauguration and June 30, about half were Christians and 38 percent were Muslims, according to data released Wednesday (July 12).

But when monthly figures are viewed, the data (originally from the U.S. State Department) reveals a steady decline for Muslims, from about 50 percent of refugees in February to 31 percent in June.

  • The Butterfly

    Only 31 percent to go! It helps when your president isn’t a muslim.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    No new Muslims.
    Not now, not ever.
    This is not their home.

  • ontario john

    Its probably because they are all flocking to Canada. Everything is FREE here, and if your a terrorist, no problem. You will get an apology and lots of money.

  • Dana Garcia

    No more muslims!! We have plenty already.

    The ummah should be off limits for immigrant eligibility. That leaves more than 5 billion from which to choose.

    I understand that every muslim immigrant is not a stone-cold chopper, but the problem often appears in the second generation where young people sometimes turn to jihad to fill in their complicated identities.

    • bob e

      mebbe’ not a chopper but they all take the shadaha ..
      the only one’s who will slice yo’ head are the ones that know they can’t get away with it ..

      • andycanuck

        It was also different in e.g. the Seventies because Egypt, Afghanistan etc. wanted to be more Western back then as photos from everything from university yearbooks to street photos showed that Mark Steyn, for example, will sometimes publicize.

        We had a Moslem family in my neighbourhood back then and they were fine as were their kids (in my older brothers’ years in school) including a very pretty daughter who dated non-Moslems (including my American cousin one summer), and was a close friend to my (later) sister-in-law.

        • Clink9

          Things turned ugly very quick after the Iranian’s taking the Americans hostage. Jimmah Carter should have turned the place into a glass coffee table.

          They’ve been up our ass ever since.

  • bob e

    get the number working toward a deported percentage & i’ll be happy.

  • Maggat

    That is a small step but every thing good starts with small steps. I hope the USA moves from 50% Christian/38% muslim to 100% Christian/0% muslim. Canada, well we can only hope against hope.

  • Sid Falco

    I’d love to see how many of the “Christians” are recent converts fleeing persecution.

    • dukestreet

      Yes, that can be a problem just as it is in the west. The problem is that the west don’t like Christians because they object to treating people like cattle and the progressives have made Christians and Christianity into the Boogeyman.

      The complaints I hear from progressives about Christians, make it appear that the Christians are the terrorists instead of the Islamists. Islam progressives go together in their hate of Christians. Muslim, because they have been told to hate us in their Koran, and progressives because Christians won’t agree to live by their code of non-ethics.
      Progressives hate everyone who doesn’t agree with them.

  • I would like to say that Christians shouldn’t have to leave the Middle East because violent cousin-marrying interlopers are burning their churches.

    • dukestreet

      I agree. Unfortunately, for many of them it’s leave or die. Since the UN is no longer a multi-nation institution & the Muslims have taken over. Christians can’t even ask the UN for help. The Muslims have priority.

      Since Trudeau changed the parameters for giving aid and immigration to Muslims, they have to hope that Christian churches will help more & pick up the slack. The way Trudeau has set it up, it’s almost impossible for Christians to be accepted as refugees in Canada otherwise. They have to do it totally independent from the government. Trudeaulove Muslims & hates Canadians.

      • The Christians get a repeat of what they hoped to escape.

        I say: stand one’s ground.

        It’s time to arm Christians.

        • dukestreet

          That should have been done a while back. Too many have already been killed or have escaped to relative safety. The ones still there should be armed but I don’t think it;s enough with the Islamic army surrounding them.

          • Every Christian in an Islamist-dominated area should have weapons. It is the only way to give them a sporting chance.