Levin’s New Idea on Immigration: If Your Country Refuses Christians and Jews, We’ll Refuse You

On his nationally syndicated radio talk show Friday, host Mark Levin said he had a new idea on immigration, that American policy should be that if a country refuses Christians and Jews, then we’re not going to allow their people in this country.

Works for me.

  • Dana Garcia

    Very sensible, very logical and fair.

    However, immigration is about to become obsolete because of automation. It’s disappointing Mark Levin doesn’t understand that.


  • Drunk_by_Noon

    We need to be able to unashamedly say that we want the 1965 immigration act (Hart–Celler Act) repealed and the 1790 Immigration act reinstated, and then actually DO IT.
    Then we need to rollback the demographic losses our people have sustained since 1965.
    If my words sound odd or even off-putting, that is almost 60-years of aberrant social conditioning fighting to stay alive, at your expense.

    • J. C.

      I’m only 45 and I totally agree with you… No brainwashing here!

  • ontario john

    That idea would never work in Canada. Feminist Trudeau has stated in public, that helping Christians first is disgusting.

    • dukestreet

      I wish there was impeachment in Canada. Need a good PM stat. Part of the problem is that no Trumplike figure has come to light to replace him.

  • irishrus

    Yes very sensible and fair but the rule of the day is P.C. / B.S. which will never be sensible, fair or logical

  • Millie_Woods

    This is useless. How many Christians do you think are immigrating to Pakistan even though they are permitted to? The ones that are there already are being persecuted and murdered, often with government sanction. Yet pakis come to the west by the millions and claim to be a discriminated minority. I’m still in favor of banning immigration from muslim countries, period.

    • dukestreet


      • Lightstream

        You got that right, Millie. I’m sure Trudeau will be elected again in the next election. It seems the parties listen to the minority (immigrants) and not the majority (Canadians who have been here years and immigrants who have integrated).

        Trudeau brought in about 300,000 immigrants (not counting refugees), last year. Now he’s bringing in 25,000 more muslims soon. What a moron he is.

        A few years ago a poll was done and 69% of Canadians want immigration numbers lowered. Trudeau ignored that, as usual. Politicians don’t listen to the people, so you can’t call Canada a democracy anymore…it’s a benign dictatorship and the majority of Canadians seem apathetic to what’s happening politically.

  • DJ

    What’s good for the halal goose is good for the gander.

  • Shebel

    Why not water it down and simplify it to something that sends a message–

    IE: ” If your Country persecutes , bullies or disdains Christians and Jews then ONLY Christians and Jews from Your Country can emigrate to My Country”.

    Tit for Tat.

    • dukestreet

      Thumbs up on that one, for sure.

  • WalterBannon


  • Fair enough.

    (SEE: good, goose, gander)

  • Tooth&Claw

    Oh hell yes!

  • dukestreet

    I would add destruction of religious monuments & buildings,refusal to allow Christians & Jews, already in a country ,to build or repair churches & synagogues as a condition too.