ICE Director Says There Could Be More Than 12 Million Illegals In US

Acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Thomas Homan said he isn’t sure exactly how many illegal immigrants are in the U.S.

There could be more than 11 to 12 million in the country, he said. No matter how many there are, Homan said that President Donald Trump’s executive orders have put every illegal immigrant (except those covered by President Obama’s amnesty for illegal aliens who arrived as minors) up for deportation.

  • Spatchcocked

    Here’s your sombrero what’s your hurry ?

  • bob e

    let’s ballpark it at about 40 million .. they are all over the place. waddling
    around like ducks. you should witness the stealing of food with ebt cards. not to mention the theft of houses/property assisted by HUD .. no visas, no citizenship,
    no drivers license, no care .. FUCK YOU GRINGO AMERICANO !!

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    If you include their offspring, the number could be four to six TIMES that B.S. 11-million number that they have been throwing around since the 1990’s.

  • Ron MacDonald

    All voting Democrat.

  • Yo Mama

    And that doesn’t even including all the Allahu Akbar types!

    • Alain

      You mean the ones who have not yet jumped the Canadian border?

  • andycanuck

    And half of them voted.