Extremists driven off Facebook and Twitter targeting smaller firms

Smaller social networks are struggling to deal with an influx of extremist users forced off the platforms of the “big four” technology firms, an audience of policymakers and campaigners has been told.

Thanks to the success of companies such as Facebook and Twitter in using technology to spot and block accounts supporting terrorism increasingly quickly, extremists have been forced to find other online forums in which to congregate. Unlike the larger social networks, many lack the resources to respond to police reports, let alone proactively monitor signups for extremists.

Speaking at an event on using technology to fight terrorism at Chatham House in London, Mariusz Żurawek, the founder and sole employee of text- and image-sharing site Justpaste.it, detailed his struggles. “We are a single-person company, operated from Poland but 60% of our users are speaking Arabic, we operate in 24 languages around the world, and receive 5-10m visits every month,” he said.