Ex-Gitmo detainee says Canada ‘set the bar’ with Khadr settlement

TORONTO — A British man compensated by the U.K. government for his torture and years of detention at Guantanamo Bay expressed dismay on Tuesday at the public and political furor in Canada over Ottawa’s settlement with Omar Khadr.

Speaking from his home in Birmingham in the U.K., Moazzam Begg said Canadians instead should be proud of the federal government for the payment and apology to Khadr for breaching his rights.

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  • ontario john

    Gee, little Justin is doing wonders for Canada’s reputation. Even Islamic terrorists love feminist Trudeau and Canada.

  • Exile1981

    Omar should have been stripped of his citizenship and tossed out of the country, not give money and fame.

    • Alain

      Unless he had another citizenship I don’t think his Canadian citizenship could be revoked. However, he most certainly and clearly had committed treason and should have been charged for that by Harper. That Harper caved in to the treasonous Left and MSM to bring him back was the first big mistake and the fatal one was not charging him with treason.

  • HalcyonDaze

    The only “bar” we should be discussing here is the one used to extract information with extreme prejudice from these terrorists

    • Bubba2 Butane

      Or to hang the noose from

  • The Deplorable Rosenmops
  • And the scam gravy train embarks down the track of easy cash.