Where is the angry backlash against the far-left’s G20 protests?

Imagine if some far right militia had just taken to the streets of Germany. Imagine that the militia covered their faces with balaclavas. Imagine if they smashed up buildings, set light to cars and otherwise made the centre of a major German city resemble a war-zone. Would it not attract attention? Would it not also, quite rightly, lead to major opinion pieces and much opining elsewhere about the far right being ‘on the march’? Would it not be treated as something more than just weather by the BBC and other news organisations?

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Backlash? This is business as usual.

    • Editor

      There will be no backlash but we should be scared of one, because of the rampant “extreme” right-wing antifaphobia.

  • DJ

    Come and gone with nary a peep. CNN ran a story citing “eclectic” peaceful protests. Because only right-wingers are violent, right?

  • I guess it’s cute when leftist losers smash windows.

  • Gary

    Leftists and muslims remind me of the older ” Planet of the apes ” movies where they reject progress and are predisposed to violence where they would torch their own Welfare housing to get attention .

  • Bla Bla

    Well, those black clothed thugs are the equivalent of the democrats KKK. Looks like all radical leftwing parties have some sort of terrorist arm to keep the people in check and that’s why they get a pass.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    A little bit of shotgunning would have cooled the situation.