Trump Jr. releases email chain on conversations with Russian sources

Donald Trump Jr. on Tuesday released a stunning chain of emails highlighting his conversations about setting up a controversial campaign meeting with a Russian lawyer offering compromising information on Hillary Clinton.

More nothing…

  • “…incriminate Hillary and her dealings with Russia”

    My kingdom for an honest media outlet.

  • Tom Forsythe

    “But it is part of Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump.”

    That is devastating.

    • Russia Russia Russia!

      • NoBamaYoMama

        Another Nothingburger.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    It was revealed last night on Hannity that this Russian lawyer had been previously denied a visa to enter the U.S., then was granted one prior to the meeting. If she was such a shady character, why the reversal?

    • None of it matters anymore if recent reports about Hillary/Ukranian collaboration are true. Apparently the “Russia/DNC hacking” was actually Ukraine hacking, with full knowledge of Hillary and the Dems — in other words a “false flag” operation. They were willing to provoke a war between U.S, and Russia for no legitimate reason whatsoever.

  • ontario john

    And now the reaction from CNN. My God, Trump and his family are Russian spies. Everyone in the White House is a Russian spy. America is overrun with Russian spies! WERE ALL GOING TO DIE!!

    • David Murrell

      CNN News must earn its kickback money from the Democratic Party.

      • terrence22

        it used to be called the Clinton News Network

  • Alain

    Smoke screen to distract from the ones who really did try everything to fix the election and still failed along with criminal actions by members of Deep State. There is absolutely nothing illegal done by Trump Jr., while the same cannot be said about the Democrats.

    • Clausewitz

      Remind me again who brokered the deal for selling off 20% of the American’s strategic nuclear reserve. Why wouldn’t the Ruskie’s want the idiot that is Hillary Clinton to win? After her “reset” fiasco, and the fact they had all this damning evidence to Black Mail her with, wouldn’t it be in their best interest for her to win? Just sayin’.

      • Greta O’Connor

        No. She proposed a no fly zone over Syria that would have included Russia. That would have meant war. Trump instigated a no fly zone that did not impede Russia. Hilary would have plunged the world into darkness. Putin hates her.

        • Clausewitz

          Using those that you hate is even sweeter in the long run. Putin would have enjoyed yelling “jump” to Hillary’s “How High?”.

  • Where was the outrage with Hillary Clinton’s e-mails, her taking donations from the Saudis or Obama’s entanglements with the Russians?

  • andycanuck
  • ontario john

    The media is reporting that Trump Jr. released the emails because the New York Times has the emails and was going to release them. How did they get them? There has been a steady stream of confidential leaks coordinated and timed since Trump took office. The only way this could happen, is if the FBI and/or the intelligence agencies are doing it. But the media doesn’t want to talk about government agencies trying to over throw the elected president of the United States.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Above all, Donald Jr. has nothing to hide. He broke no laws. He has said that he has no problem testifying before Congress and neither does Kushner.

      • ontario john

        But the Russians are everywhere!! We must run for the hills.

        • terrence22

          the Russians are in the hills, too

          • Clausewitz

            And under our beds. The 1950’s called, they want our fears back.

          • ontario john

            And of course the Western countries, including the United States, never spies on Russia.

          • Alain

            Or rig their elections. Yet Israel and yes Russia come to mind when considering American interference.

  • ontario john

    Trump doesn’t need an intelligence briefing every morning. All he has to do is read the papers. The FBI and intelligence agencies give more information to the papers, than they do the president.

  • DMB