The Omar Khadr Case: Pay Up Canada and Apologize!

  • Waffle

    I really like Gad Saad. He is a brilliant man and he has done some spectacular interviews. I can understand his current confusion. It is something I have been thinking about for some time. What I am about to write, some might consider heresy, but please bear with me.

    Justin Trudeau is nothing more, nothing less than one of those horrible pigeons coming home to roost and dropping their droppings on those of us who must toil below.

    I have come to conclusion that those we revere as “loyalists” were nothing more than carpet-baggers who sought to benefit from the bounty of the north that had been snatched from the French by the British. They were not infused with the ideals of a republic that had inspired and motivated the American revolutionaries.

    In fact, little was done until after the American Civil War more than 100 years after the final battle on the Plans of Abraham. Only the threat of being totally subsumed by American technology, energy and enterprise stirred the lazy elites into fashioning a form of constitution that became known as the British North America Act (BNA). It’s home was England.

    The next seismic shift can be attributed to Trudeau the Elder who came to power 101 years later (although his influence had been felt prior). His radical and divisive view of political multiculturalism was a perversion of the poly-ethnic and poly-cultural reality that was organically developing into a unique society.

    When the Trudopian disgrace of a charter became enshrined in law in 1982, it arrived with an almost fairy-tale like taboo against tampering with it in any form — opening it has become the 3rd rail and sudden death for any politician daring to do so. It contains NO provision whatsoever for the right to private property and ownership of land.

    As long as we continue to delude ourselves that government knows best and will do right by us, we relinquish sovereignty over our very beings. We become slaves and serfs to the vilest among us (our “betters”).

    So as long as we are willing to tolerate creatures like Kathleen Wynne and even contemplate (!!!) avaricious weasels like Patrick Brown, cry me no tears over the evil and malicious machinations of Justin Trudeau and his henchman, Gerald Butts. We deserve the screwing we are getting.

    • It might be that things will get worse for Canada before they get better.

      • Waffle

        I hate to say it but I think we’re finished.

        • Now, now.

          I’m sure some people thought that when Rome was running barbarian city tours.