Mosaic of diversity alert: Israel uses child soldiers according to elementary school text book

No surprise given that the book appears to be load of UN globalist bunk. This is Justin Trudeau’s shared values with Islam, this is what “Multiculturalism” has wrought. 

“You might say the term child soldiers is employed when convenient considering the Grade 6 Social Studies textbook, Canada and the Global Community, published by Nelson Canada, being used in 800 elementary schools across the province.

The book’s first chapter on Human Rights claims that children are still being used in “armed conflicts” in more than 20 countries.

One of those countries listed – alongside Afghanistan, Colombia, Iraq, Libya and Yemen – is Israel.”

As you sow, so shall you reap.

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  • In the light of this and the progressive media’s response to Trumps brilliant speech in Poland you have to ask: Why is it acceptable, even laudable, to these people to tell lies about israel, the U.S. and The West in general while it is strictly forbidden to tell the truth, even by implication, about the failed cultures of the world?

    • It is poisonous group-think.

    • Excellent question.

      Expect virtue signaling PC BS for an answer.

  • Hard Little Machine

    27 is the new 15 so yes, technically speaking everyone uses child soldiers.

    • Gary

      About 10 years ago I did some research for a product that was geared for children and I needed charts for weight and height. But the extra information i saw mentioned about Obesity by a spike in kids weight.

      One of the claims had a notation for the source , then I read that the world Children was re-defined by the UN where it was 5-12
      and now 5-18 . The obesity crisis is a hoax because the chart show a jump in teens around 16-17 which were now deemed children.
      This is how we are getting teenage refugees entering canada by them self and don’t need their parents. 18 year old terrorists can make a refugee claim in canada and also get put into a grade 10 class to be around 15 year old girls.

      As for Khadr. . If the left sees him as a child forced to do terrorism then we must arrested his mother for child abuse and his sister for failing to report a brother being abused.
      The CBC can’t have it both ways to call him a child butt not report how the CAS refuses to arrest the mother .

  • ontario john

    Add this to the list of homosexual/transgender, white colonialism, global warming scams, and socialist teachings, and its about time parents abandoned public schools.

  • Sharkibark

    I saw an interesting interview with James Maddis where he said that hostilities in the middle east could be alleviated (at least in part) if just one high school student from neighbouring arab countries were sponsored to live and go to school in Israel each year – and then returned to their own countries with actual knowledge of how Israeli society works.

    It was actually the best interview with him that I’ve read – and it was done by a high school student. You can read the whole thing here:

  • tom_billesley

    I can see their logic. Hamas considers Israeli children to be legitimate targets. Hamas wouldn’t target civilians, so all Israeli children must be in the military.
    Having a social studies course in a school curriculum is child abuse.

  • I would love to see these Israeli child soldiers they speak of.

  • Gary

    CUPE and the teachers Unions have so many morons that the islamists have taken over and used them for the Jew-hatred to poison our children and help bring in Sharia . The TTC now has the pro-jihad muslims inside the system because i saw a Hijab wear bus driver in black and we saw the video of the jew hating muslims at the Al quds rally with his TTC jacket on . r

    • Ottawa Eyes

      CUPE, OPSEU and the teachers union are active supporters of the Islamists.

  • Morticiaa

    Just at a loss for words
    Jordon Peterson talks about this puss eruption throughout Ontario educational training and the universities in one of his lectures on the post modern Marxist movement turning quickly into a mass paradigm throughout our society, one which must be confronted now on all levels.