Lords a-dancing around Taqiyya

Probably not many people in Australia read the House of Lords Hansard assiduously, but those who do not have missed a debate, almost fairylike in its unreality, held before the Manchester massacre, as to the Muslim concepts of Taqiyya and Al-Hijra. The mere raising of the terms was damned as Islamophobia.

It began with Lord Pearson of Rannoch asking a rather moderate question in the House: ‘Whether, as part of their strategy against Islamist terrorism, [the Government] will encourage United Kingdom Muslim leaders to re-examine the Muslim tenets of Taqiyya and Al-Hijra.’

These terms mean it is enjoined upon Muslims to lie to unbelievers if it benefits the faith, and to undertake a strategy of spreading the faith by immigration. In the present circumstances both seem highly relevant.