In the court of public opinion, Canadians say Trudeau chose wrong on Omar Khadr settlement

Most Canadians think the government’s settlement with Omar Khadr was wrong. And if anything is fuelling that anger, it’s the belief that Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government had other options, but chose to pay.

Public opposition to the settlement is broad, strong in every region, age group and both sexes, according to a new survey conducted by the Angus Reid Institute – echoing the expressions of anger since reports of a settlement first broke last week.

In all, 71 per cent said the Trudeau government did the wrong thing and that “it should have fought the case and left it to the courts to decide whether Mr. Khadr was wrongfully imprisoned.”

There’s no doubt that adds up to political danger for Mr. Trudeau. While the anger certainly seems stronger from Conservative supporters, even Liberal voters aren’t happy: 61 per cent of them thought Mr. Trudeau’s government made the wrong choice, too.

  • dapto

    In time im sure we’ll find out Trudope not only supports ISIS he also funds it or alike organisations

  • Ed

    Juthtin loves thith Country!

    • Clink9

      Fabulous hair and acting!

    • He missed his calling, there is a need for bad actors.

  • David Murrell

    I’m surprised the Libersl-Party-supporting Globe published this piece, a poll showing strong public disapproval. The Globe itself published article after article endorsing the financial kickback to the terrorist. And Campbell Clark, the author of the piece, is one of the biggest Trudeau shoeshine boys st the dreadful newspaper.

    • Starlord

      You should see some of the twitter idiots out there saying the 71 percent that think this is bad are Trump supporters, low intelligence, racists, and much more. Had to delete a few Facebook friends that posted the scum didn’t throw a grenade and is innocent…

      • DJ

        Yes the “What if Omar Khadr is innocent” bullshit is out in full force. Prop-piece revisionism; the “hero” child against the evil Americans. Also, the whole Speer “wasn’t a medic” narrative which isn’t even relevant to the fact that a Canadian was fighting against coalition forces. The left hates Americans, and can’t see that killing an American ally is as bad as killing a Canadian.

        • PaxCan

          Their inveterate anti-American bigotry has turned Omar into a folk hero. I think it’s a simple as that. They’ll take anything to castigate the U.S. to make them feel morally superior and therefore better than the Americans.

          They’re also using him to admonish conservatives and the CPC while being ignorant to the historical fact that Omar’s alleged torture happened under the caring watch of the Chretien/Marin Liberals.

          Their moral-grandstanding is mostly ideological and less so principled.

      • Bla Bla

        How much you want to be those twitter idiots are nothing more than paid for astroturf-bots…

    • We owe that scumbag nothing.

  • Mark Matis

    But Canada’s “Conservative” party is about as “conservative”as the Rove Republican swill from South of the Border. And Canada is unlikely to find a Trump who believes in Canada as an independent sovereign nation, has the funds to self-finance his campaign, and is willing to do so. Until someone like that appears, expect no improvement.

  • ontario john

    Trudeau is a dangerous idiot. And the media loves to protect him. The newspapers like the Toronto Star rant every day about Russian collusion in the States, yet ignore Trudeau’s shady dealings. They are not upset when he spends time on a private island owned by a Muslim con man who bilks millions out the government every year. Or that Trudeau has fund raising parties with commie Chinese billionaires. Then we find out that he oks a deal where the Chinese buy a high tech company that supplies the military. But Canadians will continue to love him, because he is so cute and cuddly.

  • Starlord

    Fucktardery at its essence.

  • marty_p

    Toronto Star and Crescent resident P@ki says we are all racists:
    Canadians would not have been indifferent to his fate if Khadr had been a white minor who was shot in the chest, shackled, made to carry heavy buckets of water, forced into stress positions, made to urinate and used as a human mop, punched and slapped, thrown into solitary and deprived of sleep for weeks, and had spent years detained in legal limbo.

    • The Star is a rag.

    • PaxCan

      The Star can’t go bankrupt fast enough. I got a bottle of champagne just for the occasion and I don’t drink.

      Listening to non-whites (indigenous aside) whine and moan and finger wave against Canada’s founding white race demographic makes me wonder how much better this country would be if we didn’t let them into the country in the first place.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      What bullshit,I wouldn’t have cared less what colour he was also he is as white as I am and as caucasian as I am.It’s his satanic cult I have a problem with.

  • chayisun

    Trudeau and his followers will hide under a rock hoping that the uproar will eventually vanish. As it will. No taking to the streets to protest. Just a lot of anger and noise which will lead to, basically, nothing. One can only hope that the lawsuit against this thug……Not trudeau, the other one, his muslim “brother”…….will succeed but don’t hold out hope of that happening in this damned province.

    As for question period in the fall, (should be called the comedy hour) when these overpaid elected officials finally decide to return to “work” the PC’s promise to hold trudeau and his slovenly bands of miscreants accountable for this action. Good luck with that.

    I hope all those who voted for this loser who has the intelligence of a fat cockroach are proud.

  • DJ

    The Liberals likely designed this as a wedge issue to isolate conservatives–ironically it its wedged many of left-of-center liberals from the progressive leftist fringe.

  • favil

    They say he “chose wrongly”, but those sheeple will still vote for PM P’tit Patate come election-time.

  • Dink Newcomb

    I wish one of you Canadians would clear something up for me that has me puzzled. I frequently see pictures of your Prime Minister with the words “Useful Idiot” superimposed. My question is: Does anyone in Canada except liberals genuinely feel that he IS USEFUL? I read lots about him nowadays and he seems to me to be not only not useful but actually detrimental to your country like our recently departed 8 year long skid-mark on the flag.

    • Martin B

      If, for example, you’re a Muslim dreaming of making Canada an Islamic state one day, Trudeau is very useful. His administration is full of Muslims, his Immigration Minister is a Somali who wants to flood Canada with more and more Muslims, he gets motions passed in Parliament to outlaw criticism of Islam, he never misses an opportunity to dress up like a Muslim and pray in mosques known to support terrorism, he panders to Muslims 24/7.

  • Gary

    Wynne has an Election in about 9 months while Ontario has the majority of the muslims in canada living there. Ontario also has over 2,000,000 Public Union members that are adult voters . Wynne already gave some of them a nice raise just like she did to the OPP that git 8.3% .