Europe is not really serious about fighting terror, Israel is

EU experts warn that the shrinking of the ISIS territories may lead to this terrorist organization promoting more terrorist attacks in Europe. Al Qaeda terrorist affiliates and other terrorist organizations may also initiate such attacks. On top of that, there may be private terrorist initiatives by Muslims unaffiliated to any terrorist organization.

The European Union and its member countries are developing programs to better identify potential terrorists, increase information sharing, deradicalize returning jihadists, preventing additional radicalization and so on. Europeans crave greater security and expect that the EU play a role in this area while in essence this issue is dependent on the competence of the European member countries

  • dapto

    Thats because all germans love hitler

  • Norman_In_New_York

    When 60,000 African migrants invaded Israel across the Egyptian border, Israel responded by building a large fence across the length of the border. Women soldiers were added to the units patrolling the border in order to stand guard over and interrogate any African women trying to sneak across. This stopped the invasion cold. Those who crossed and refused to leave were treated as unwelcome guests and became “hewers of wood and drawers of water.”