“Deflowered slave for sale, age 13, Body: slim, tall. Price: $9,000.”

Terrifying look inside life for children in Islamic State

FOR children half a world away, the nightmares don’t stop.

Five-year-old Shadi and his older sister and brother are among thousands of children who have seen more terrors than most of us combined in their short lifetime; children sold as sexual slaves, suicide bombings, blood, guts and gore, forced torture and mutilation.

But most of all, they’ve stared death in the eye.

“Deflowered slave for sale, age 13,” one ad in an online jihadi marketplace reads. “Body: slim, tall. Price: $9,000.”

For the children of Islamic State-controlled territories in Iraq and Syria, this is their reality. Their nightmare. Every. Single. Day.

We have “Muslim Holy Men” who condone the marriage of 9 year old girls in the GTA. How is that any different?