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‘Lone wolves rise up’ ISIS calls on jihadis to attack US and Europe in revenge for Mosul

The dream of creating a caliphate to expand the terror regime across the middle east and into Europe has crumbled as western-backed forces battered Daesh in war zones in Iraq and Syria.

And ISIS has begun its own social media campaign calling for lone attackers as Iraqi troops head west to liberate ISIS-controlled villages.

Supporters of the sickening regime, which is responsible for horrifying terror attacks across Europe, including the UK, are now being rallied online.

A vile campaign has started urging people to go out on the streets of Europe to kill men, women and children.

‘A Word of Truth’ About Linda Sarsour’s ‘Jihad’

Linda Sarsour bores me. She is the radical flavor-of-the-month. But she is a numbingly familiar type to longtime observers of sharia supremacists in the West: the forked tongue, the flag-draped anti-Americanism, the close partnership with the hard left, and so on. Eight years ago, I wrote a book called The Grand Jihad about this breed of Muslim Brotherhood-mold operative. Sarsour fits the pathology to a tee … but once you’re on to them, these people are a dime a dozen. Yawn.

Khadr’s Compensation: 71% of Canadians say government made wrong call by settling out of court

A new survey from the Angus Reid Institute indicates more than seven-in-ten (71%) are of the opinion the Trudeau government should have fought the case and left it to the courts to decide whether Khadr was wrongfully imprisoned.

Further, most Canadians reject the notion that government officials had “no choice” but to settle – but money appears to be the main source of opposition to the deal. Canadians are slightly more inclined to have said sorry to Khadr than offer compensation, had the decision been in their own hands.

(64%) also agree that Khadr remains a “potential radicalized threat” now living in Canada.

B’nai Brith Canada Condemns Federal Funding for Anti-Israel Exhibit

B’nai Brith Canada is strongly condemning an anti-Israel art exhibit on display at Western University’s McIntosh Gallery which received grants from a federal funding agency, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC).

The display, entitled “Choreographies of Resistance,” glorifies the actions of Palestinian protesters, including stone-throwers who promote violence under the guise of resistance. In Israel, a reported fourteen civilians have been murdered by Palestinian stone-throwers, including infants such as Adele Biton and Yehuda Shoham, as well as three Israeli Arabs who were attacked because they were mistaken for Jews.

The Economic Lies Of The Elites

One of the problems facing much of the developed world is the gap between the globalist ideology that drives the elites, and the lived experiences of the vast majority of people.

The elites dominate the message coming from the media and the government, and they have become skilled at manipulating data in order to cover up their long-term strategy.

Sweden is the Best Country to be an Immigrant, followed by No. 2 Canada and No. 3 Switzerland

“The 2017 Best Countries rankings revealed that more than 40 percent of respondents view immigration as the most important issue for our world to solve,” said Eric Gertler, co-chairman of U.S. News and the New York Daily News, who was recently honored by the Carnegie Corporation of New York as a 2017 Great Immigrant. “With the recent spotlight on immigration in the U.S. and abroad, we wanted to dive into its potential benefits and challenges on a country’s perceived economic status in the world.”

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60% Believe Islam Is Incompatible With French Society

The other 40% are Moslems.

60% of the French believe Islam is incompatible with French society, which is incredibly high given that only 8% would say the same about Catholicism and 19% about Judaism.

Campus police told students to stop touting the benefits of fossil fuels on campus: lawsuit

Three students working to advance their arguments at the Michigan college in late April were threatened with trespassing by the officers because the students did not have official permission from administrators to engage in public expression on campus, alleges the lawsuit, filed last week.

The lawsuit claims the college’s policy requiring a 48-hour pre-approval in person and in writing for expressive activity is a violation of students’ First Amendment rights. The suit also takes issue with the fact that even after such permission is obtained, the speech zone at the community college’s Central Campus is only about .001 percent of the entire 230-acre campus.

Church of England embraces homosexuality and transgenderism

The Church of England has just made official a major shift which has been coming for some time.

In separate votes this past weekend, the church’s General Synod approved motions denouncing gay conversion therapy and encouraging their bishops to conduct special services to celebrate the transition of members from one gender to another.

What “Democracy and Liberty”?

President Trump’s masterful speech in Warsaw has flushed out the journalists and far-Left activists (but I repeat myself) eager to see the West’s culture and people extinguished. This we are told that President Trump had said something “shocking” because he defined the West by heritage, culture and identity rather than by “democracy and liberty.” But what is this “democracy and liberty?” Increasingly, First World patriots face a Cultural Marxist soft totalitarianism.