“Comrade, your statement is factually incorrect.” “Yes, it is. But it is politically correct.”

The Rise of Political Correctness

The notion of political correctness came into use among Communists in the 1930s as a semi-humorous reminder that the Party’s interest is to be treated as a reality that ranks above reality itself. Because all progressives, Communists included, claim to be about creating new human realities, they are perpetually at war against nature’s laws and limits. But since reality does not yield, progressives end up pretending that they themselves embody those new realities. Hence, any progressive movement’s nominal goal eventually ends up being subordinated to the urgent, all-important question of the movement’s own power. Because that power is insecure as long as others are able to question the truth of what the progressives say about themselves and the world, progressive movements end up struggling not so much to create the promised new realities as to force people to speak and act as if these were real: as if what is correct politically—i.e., what thoughts serve the party’s interest—were correct factually.

Communist states furnish only the most prominent examples of such attempted groupthink.

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The Rise Of Political Correctness

  • Gary


    I was on facebook and saw a pile of comments about Omar Khadr where his supporters keep saying that the ignorant and ill informed don’t know what really happened . Most comments were on the CTV and CBC posts.
    No doubt they fear the CRTC and complaints from muslims. It’s getting to be like the 1930’s Germany with islamofascists but Justin wants to jail people opposing the neo Nazis .
    His dad defended Hitler and the Nazi’s , that was until 1940 when Hitler rode in Paris to claim france .

  • Killer Marmot

    The left increasingly demands that adherents believe falsehoods to demonstrate allegiance to the cause.

    As an example, one is supposed to believe that gender is entirely a social construct. Biology says something very different, but faith takes precedence over science.

    • Bless his heart

      The alleged left asks of us ‘How many fingers are they holding up?’ Then they demand the answer be the ‘truth’ as they say the ‘truth” is.

  • Brett_McS

    Theodore Dalrymple explained the purpose of Communist propaganda and of political correctness: The purpose is to make people easier to control. This is done by getting them to participate in a lie – the more absurd the lie the better – and thereby undermine their own integrity, and destroy their own internal governance, making them easier prey to control by outside forces.

    The existence of individual internal governance is unique to the western world, and is the central complaint that the left has against the west. It is why they will ally with any non-western force, no matter how ridiculously perverse.