‘Competing Canadian values’: Awarding Khadr’s settlement to U.S. widow a challenge for Ont. court

The family of a slain U.S. soldier who won a $134 million lawsuit against Omar Khadr in a Utah court could face some significant legal hurdles in collecting any money recently awarded to the former Guantanamo Bay inmate.

With such a complex case, legal analysts say it’s too difficult to predict whether that lawsuit will be upheld in a Canadian court.

“There are a lot of question marks about whether they will ultimately be successful in the claim of the foreign judgement,” said Stephen Pitel, a law professor at Western University in London, Ont.

Competing Canadian values? What horseshit. Funding a Muslim terrorist murderer is not a “Canadian” value except perhaps in PM Useful Idiot’s world.

  • Liberal Progressive

    We Liberals realize that terrorists are people too who deserve as many rights as anybody else or even more and anybody who disagrees is an Islamophobe!

  • simus1

    The leftists must be kicking themselves. If grenade boy had been properly dispatched as per the rules of war immediately after his offense, they would have had a “perpetual muslim child soldier saint” plus 10 mil to be funneled to them by Shiny Pony “to fight the power”.

  • Values? Is it a value to reward a known terrorist?

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Being unconditionally subservient to invading brown people while showing your moral piety to the Americans seems to be a Canadian virtue.

      • The thing is that the liberals/Liberals don’t even care about anyone else but themselves. Like the Palestinians, the “ethnos” are sandbags for liberal causes and little more.

        And don’t forget the ego, the low self-esteem, the hatred of all things dad – those are also trademark liberal qualities.

        • Alain

          Spot on, because they saw no problem in having Obama’s team work on getting short-pants and his party elected. When Obama was president things American passed with flying colours.

    • Gary

      How the hell can muslims get in trouble outside of canada and yet come back here and use our Charter to make us responsible and pay them $10.5 million for them being STUPID to globe-trot in war zones .

      i expect that Egyptian journalist to sue us as well even though he chose to join a riot or illegal protests to get arrested and jailed.

      We can’t afford anymore muslim immigrants that want $10 million each and will now get in trouble in their homelands so we have to bail them out where they return here and get a pro-jihad muslim lawyer.

      • Khadr and his family are nothing more than treasonous vipers. That they still live here is just unfathomable to me.

  • Gary

    I’ve been seeing a lot of comment on faceBook where Khadr supporters say that it’s Harper’s fault that we had to give Omar $10.5 million.

    Ezra Levant and I seem to have been dead on with the predictions that Khadr would be paint as the victim and then brought back to canada for the anti-USA poster boy. Then he would sue canada while the media would find some way to blame Harper.

    Chretien was the PM as was Martin where they both left him to rot in GITMO.

    It’s official that the school system pumps out morons with a fake Diploma for grade 12 that is really the 1970’s grade 8 level . Students don’t have to spell or do tough math while the black kids just have to show up to get a Diploma .
    Schools use the CBC feed for their version of reality while Suzuki orbits in the odd time to act like a Climate Scientist and inflict fear about the Earth burning up if Liberal don’t raise taxes.
    Public Unions and teachers are now anti-West jew-hating islamophiles when they used to be God-haters but now see how islam can get you killed by offending a follower and provoke them to behead you.

  • Tooth&Claw

    The Americans should have let him bleed out rather than take him prisoner.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      A round to the head would have been better.

      • Tooth&Claw

        That would not have hurt my feelings either. He wanted to see Allah and be in heaven, so then, arrange the meeting.

  • Mike

    I’ll bet that $10.5 MM buys a lot of virgins…