Singing a Hwasong

North Korea — and China — have us where they want us.

North Korea reached a milestone on the Fourth of July by launching its first ICBM, the “Hwasong-14.” Fired on a steep trajectory the missile flew for almost forty minutes before coming down about 800 miles from the launch pad. On a shallower trajectory, it could have reached Alaska.

The launch was accompanied, as usual, by a taunt from Kim Jong Un. This time he said the launch was a message to “the American bastards.”

Days before his inauguration, Mr. Trump wrote a tweet that said of North Korea’s ambition to develop an ICBM, “… it won’t happen.” Now it has.

  • Watchman

    What’s the bet that CNN will feature this as, “Trump North Korean Promise Not Kept”

    • The thing is that Trump jumped in head-first into this debacle. China cannot be trusted and the usual sanctions don’t work. He needs to be smarter about this or just leave it alone.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Call their bluff. If they nuke Hawaii we’ll send them Michelle Obama

  • Slickfoot

    Make it a big one, that way they can get Berkeley too.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    China is the cash and the muscle behind Phat Boi-un. He’s just their poodle.

  • (With Trump in office) One US nuke sub payload would finish off the Norks in minutes. They have no defence against this type of attack.

    I know they are stupid. But are they really that stupid?