Ralph Goodale our own ‘Comical Ali’

Listening to Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale blame Stephen Harper for the fact the Liberals just gave an apology and $10.5 million to Omar Khadr reminds me of listening to Baghdad Bob during the Iraq war.

Baghdad Bob (aka “Comical Ali”) was the Iraqi information minister, Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf, who became globally infamous for his daily summations of the war, which had no basis in reality, and which provoked international ridicule every time he spoke.

  • Martin B

    Maybe one day I’ll be able to see the humour in what Ralph and Turdo have done to my country, but I doubt it.

  • BillyHW

    Liberals are dirty rotten scoundrels.

  • He is a perfect mouthpiece but is he too large to be thrown under the bus if this scandal gets too big?

  • Alain

    Well like Muslims they refuse to accept responsibility for their actions. If there had not been Harper, I suppose it would have been “The Devil made us do it” or it was a Zionist plot.

  • Gary

    I had predicted that people wanted Khadr back just to bash the USA and have their Poster Boy for islamophobia. Then the lawyers would line up to sue us while the next move would be to blame Harper for rescuing him if anything went wrong.

    Chretien was the PM when Khadr was in GITMO. The CBC and CUPE didn’t care until Martin lost to Harper in 2006 . Suddenly Omar was a child soldier and canadian that Harper must bring back home.

    Martin and Chretien should pay the $10 million on top of the $140 million still missing from the AdScam where Liberal stole over $300,000,000.00 to give to the friends.
    Trudeau just made Chretien guilt of human rights violation and that means he should be arrested for a hate crime and islamophobia even if it took place outside of canada. Arar had alleged torture in his homeland and yet Canada had to pay him for unproven damages. Arar’s own website posted a copy of the lawsuit against Jordan where he said he was tortured for 14 days……it was for $30 million but a judge laughed it out of the courtroom because the muslims Lawyer said the Jordan violated his Charter Rights as a canadian… but you don’t take those rights with you because many nations will jail you and not give damn about Canada’s law or speed limits and age for sex.
    When the Jordan lawsuit failed..that’s when CAIR had Sheema Khan use the Arar’s to spew the fake hate-crimes and use extortion to demand $400,000,000.00 knowing the morons in the media will by arar’s LIES.
    Just 1 day before the truth was about to come out from the inquiry….Arar said he’d take $10.2 million.

    I’m really getting sick of these Master-Race POS women beaters that dictate to us what we owe them.
    Don’t come here you F’in moron pedophiles and homophobes……if I wanted to live is some $hit-hole stuck in the 10th century I’d move to an islamic nation that are 99% knuckle dragging muslims……I don’t want those $hit-holes coming here.
    Muslims will be dancing in the mosques on Friday just like the Muslims in Florida after the Pulse Club slaughter to gays. No wonder they are the most hated people and hated faith on Earth. Sloths and parasites.

    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    • mauser 98

      Khadr 10.5 $million announced on July 4
      no coincidence…rub it in the US face
      PM Twink is seen by his zombie base,CBC as getting too cozy with Trump
      PM Twink figured Khadr deal would show him to be independant..the tough stand up guy.

      ….. my wild guess
      Trump knew this ….then praised PM Twink in Hamburg.. a real BS load of praise…oooh” Justin outstanding ”

      to throw wrench back at Twink ,his zombie base,CBC etc.
      …..Twink plan backfired