Beach Blanket Bocce… starring Mussolini

Italian police raid self-proclaimed ‘fascist beach club’ run for guests nostalgic for Benito Mussolini

Thousands of Italians nostalgic for Benito Mussolini’s dictatorship this summer are lounging on a self-proclaimed “fascist beach club.”

The club, where bathing huts are decorated with pictures of Il Duce, signs praise the gas chambers and sunbathers exchange stiff-armed salutes, was brought to light by Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

  • Brenda

    “Anti democratic, regime-run zone. Don’t break our balls”

  • Dana Garcia

    This isn’t fascist-friendly Brazil??

  • Sounds more like a fantasy theme park. “Gas chambers” in Italy? I don’t think there were any.

    • It’s a weird romance.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      I think you are right! No death camps in Italy.
      There were Jewish Italian Fascists too.
      If the truth were to be told, the Italian fascists were the least blood-thirsty of all the Axis Powers.