Muslim inmate wants $5M from Brown County, says he was forced to pray next to toilet

Seems like the right place to me.

GREEN BAY – Saying Brown County Jail employees made him pray next to a toilet, a Muslim man has filed a claim seeking $5 million from the county.

  • Gary Lawsuit work… muslims don’t have to .
    Just ask Maher Arar and Omar Khadr. They weren’t even in Canada for the alleged harm and NEVER had to prove it in Court Room.
    We can’t afford $10 million per muslim immigrant or citizen that does Jihad and gets in trouble.

    Arar was NEVER proved to be innocent …… the inquiry focused on Canada because the final report ONLY declared that the Arar’s did not engage in any terrorism inside canada or support it.
    CAIR’s lawyers new that the Inquiry had to focus on Canada and not his visit to the USA by car to meet with pro Al-qaeda muslims in the Mosques.

    One day after the grand jihad and mass-slaughters in Canada ….. the Liberals will finally want to review the evidence that linked the Arar’s and CAIR to Hamas As well as the Khadr’s recruiting jihadist as they collect welfare. The Liberals will call it a tragedy that shouldn’t have happened and changes will prevent it from happening again.

  • mobuyus

    By the looks of him he should have been in the toilet.

  • BillyHW

    I betcha he’s kicking himself for not committing his crimes in Canada, because then he could make a claim for 10 million.

    • mobuyus

      He could still try, this is Canada after all and justin loves terrorists either foreign or domestic. Why he could even help sophie with her throat singing exercises.

  • PaulW

    Whine, whine, whine … knife, knife, knife … whine, whine, whine – muslims are nothing if not predictable. First of all, no one is forcing you to bow down 5 times a day to a sadistic, non-existent deity. And secondly, you’re in prison offended against society; it’s not meant to be a hotel and you’re not meant to be served; you’re being punished.

    • Cat-astrophe

      Wouldn’t you love to walk into a Mosk….er, jail, and just yell that out?

  • tom_billesley

    That’s not a toilet. It’s a rehal.

    • Editor

      Ha! And I learned a new word today. Thanks.

  • moraywatson

    This one is simple. Take away his toilet.

  • Bernie

    Being in/adjacent/on or building a Crapper known as a Mosque is normal for Muslims.

  • canminuteman

    I didn’t read the story, but I don’t understand how you can “make someone pray” beside a toilette.

    • Exile1981

      he had to pray in his cell. They wouldn’t give him extra special times out of his cell to pray so he chose to pray on his cell floor beside his toilet.

      • canminuteman

        Oh sob! They didn’t build him his own personal mosque? The Humanity!

  • iowaan

    Don’t an awful lot of non-muslim young white men pray in front of their toilets? I can remember at least a couple times.

    • Maggat

      That up vote was kind of an up chuck.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      You beat me on that one!