Media Attempt to Reignite Russian Hysteria Over ‘Nothing-Burger’ Trump Jr. Meeting

The mainstream media and liberal politicians sought to reignite Russian collusion hysteria over the weekend after news surfaced that President Donald Trump’s son and son-in-law met with a Russian lawyer shortly after Trump clinched the Republican presidential nomination in the summer of 2016.

On June 6, 2016, White House senior adviser Jared Kushner — the president’s son-in-law — and Donald Trump Jr. met with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, who reportedly has ties to the Kremlin.

  • Ho Hum

    Since this story was published Donald Jr. has now said he met with the lawyer tied to the Kremlin because she claimed to have damaging information on Clinton to share. This meeting may not have been illegal but it plays into the narrative that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to find and publish dirt on Clinton. It was incredibly stupid of Don Jr. to make this statement. This would have been a “nothing burger” if the Trump team had been up front with their Russian contacts but they insisted they had no contacts until it was revealed by the NYT that they did. This makes them look bad.

    What is sad is Pres Trump was probably not aware of these meetings. While he was busting his ass flying around America trying to get elected his greedy and conniving son and son-in-law were contacting leaders across the world trying to cash in on their relationship with the future president (why was Kushner making 100’s of calls?) . I hope the president realizes how he has been betrayed by those close to him. If he was smart and tough he would send Kushner packing back to NYC but I suppose he can’t stand to be separated from Ivanka.

  • ontario john

    Trump is a Russian spy! Everyone connected to Trump is a Russian spy! The White House is full of Russian spies. Hundreds of Russian spies are flooding into the states! WERE ALL GOING TO DIE!! Maybe someone in the media should have the courage to wonder where all these leaks are coming from, especially since they seem to be well coordinated and timed. At least we don’t have to worry about that debate up here in Sunny Ways Canada. The media keeps it well hidden when feminist Trudeau sells us out to his Chinese and muslim buddies.

  • tom_billesley

    Having a martini made with vodka instead of gin would be enough to start a media feeding frenzy.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The Democrats and media are grasping at straws. There is nothing illegal about meeting with supposed sources of information damaging to a political opponent. It’s called opposition research, and Democrats do that all the time. In this case, the Russian lawyer had nothing and the meeting was dismissed as a waste of time. Once again, the anti-Trumpers are behaving like Elmer Fudd in their desperation. “I’ll get you yet, you cwazy wabbit!”

  • tom_billesley

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