How this al Qaeda militant turned into a ‘victim’ — then a millionaire

In the ruins of a dusty al Qaeda compound in Ayub Kheil, a remote village in Afghanistan, 15-year-old Canadian-born Omar Khadr secured his position behind a crumbling, bullet-riddled wall and threw the Russian grenade that would change his life forever.

  • Gary

    In the 1930’s , Justin’s father defended the Nazi’s and Hitler and not being a problem for France or the French in Canada.
    Ooops, then came June of 1940 when the Nazi party give Hitler Paris as a belated Birthday gift.

    Justin is now defending the islamofascists inside Canada and now helping to give them Tax-free money to build Jihad training camps .
    Don’t forget that it was Omar that saw Maher Arar at an al-qaeda training camp in Afghanistan but the CBC did care . One of them was a lair and yet both got over $10 million.

    We can’t afford any more muslims at $10 million each for allleged harm outside of canada.

  • irishrus

    he walks like a terrorist duck, even talked and acted like a terrorist duck. thanks to Trudeau he can now spend like a mink

  • Our Supreme Court Justices are Partisan pukes.

    First of all even if we accept that temporary “sleep deprivation” during interrogation is “torture”, the fact is it wasn’t used by the Canadian interrogators — they ordered in McDonald’s hamburgers and soda pop for the kid! The whole thing is on video tape — the Canadians handled Khadr with “kid gloves” (no pun intended). The “sleep deprivation” would have been used by U.S. interrogators years earlier during that phase of his processing, long before Canada talked to him.

    Secondly, if they really believe that Khadr was a “victim” of his radicalized parents and older siblings, then why have his mother and older siblings not been charged with criminal “child abuse”?

    • mauser 98

      Gitmo was, is Club Fed
      the best medical care in the world
      far better than most US taxpayers get
      rest is propaganda , US lawyer blank cheque writing

      • andycanuck

        Inmates gained an average of about 40 pounds in body weight I remember reading while the Iraq War was still being waged.

        • mauser 98

          see John McCain re Vietnam
          many vets claim Pentagon would not allow any pictures of him directly after release …gained weight

  • ontario john

    And the TV networks have followed orders, and quickly dropped the issue. The CBC did have stories this morning on the hardship of Somali refugees that are currently crossing the Canadian border, and some sort of story on injured turtles.

  • Observer
  • marty_p

    Keep in mind that Kadr’s mother and sister are still on welfare – Omar has no obligation to share his new found wealth with his family and as such we have to continue to pay jizya to his family members.

  • BillyHW

    They left out the part where Nellie McClung refused to learn her place.

    • andycanuck

      Wrong thread, I think, Billy. 🙂
      (And she racistly hated coloured immigration.)

  • andycanuck

    Good. A major U.S. MSM source is covering this story. No burying it now in the States to keep the heat off of Justin and his government.