Debate rages over $10.5M Khadr deal

People are really peeved about the blood money payout to Omar Khadr.

In my quarter century at the Toronto Sun, I can’t recall seeing so much anger from all across Canada. It is directed at the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government’s decision to settle with Khadr for $10.5-million and apologize for not properly honouring his Charter Rights while imprisoned at Guantánamo Bay.

  • Hopefully the tide is turning against looney leftist Trudeau.

    • Observer

      Except he will have imported so many of Khadr’s friends and kin that the votes of Canadians will be too diluted to offset that voting block.

      • Alain

        I agree that is the plan, but they are not a majority other than in some ridings at this point.

        • Exile1981

          Look were they are settling the syrians. It appears as if they chose ridings were they came in a close second to conservatives.

          • Linda1000

            Jeepers, that means more in Calgary as we have two ridings where federal Liberal MPs barely won in the last election.

  • Clink9

    Lil’ Turdo has really shit the bed this time.

    He’s so cynical he thought he could squeeze it past Canadians on the long weekend.

    If he’s right, we’re doomed.

  • I calculate that Canada owes me between $300,000 – $500,000 in actual damages and financial losses for more than ten years of criminal harassment by Canadian authorities. I lost more than a dozen jobs and moved more than a dozen times during that time period. It was terrifying and there was no relief until I lived on the street under a false name. The best I could get out of a Government agent was: “sorry ’bout that, mistaken identity”. Meanwhile I lost more than ten years of my life, especially painful for my children who ended up impoverished.

    Liberal Governments practice torture but not on criminals like Khadr — their targets are always law-abiding citizens.

    • mauser 98

      yes…many Revenue Canada, other jackboot thug victims.. a family member bankrupted..we are chickens to pluck

      Khadr is latest multicult poster boy

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      What the hell did they do?

  • marty_p

    The public has a short memory – it will be up to the Conservatives to keep the Kadr payment in the public’s mind during the next Federal Election campaign.
    I would be happy to wear a “Remember who paid Omar $10.5 million” baseball hat.

    • New Centurion

      I’m calling it now. Us conservatives better get used to Mr. Sunny Ways, we’re going to have to put up with this hipster doofus for a long time. The chattering classes are enthralled by him; they wet their panties whenever makes an appearance. He’s Canada’s first feminist Prime Minter an airhead, flitting around the world ingratiating himself to the Europeans, giving quaint little speeches about multiculturalism and climate change and handing out100’s of millions of taxpayers money.

    • Tooth&Claw

      I think a bumper sticker campaign is in order.

    • Gary

      Justin also told muslim immigrants that they can slaughter as many of us during jihad and not lose their citizenship and get deported . Suicide bombers can wear Burkas and walk into any building or board a TTC subway car to kill everyone on it.

      Khadr majored in making IED’s and now the TTC is putting WiFi in the subway tunnels which makes it great for a remote Bomb like the Madrid slaughter where Omar Phones the detonator devices wired to the smart phone. The TTC has many anti-canada Jew-hating arabs and muslims on staff and i bet muslims are trying to get into the tunnel jobs for night work to plant bombs one day .
      islam has been at war with the World for 1400 years no matter what Justin thinks or that brain dead Senator .
      Mitchell reminds me of the Politician that mocked people when they complained about a dangerous railway line in Toronto when homes were built around it over a 50 year period.
      It took 3 children getting killed because A-Holes like him Grant agreed to make the street safer.
      He’s going to wait until hundreds of little girls are raped by muslim males refugees and we have 3 major Jihad slaughter that kill 1000+ .

  • kkruger71

    Little surprises me anymore, but following this story on social media I’ve been shocked by just how many people actually suport this payment. I knew the elitist left played him as some sort of victim, but it really does seem a lot of average Canadians do too.
    I do laugh at the hypocricy though that he is presented as a child soldier that couldn’t possibly understand or be responsible for his actions by the same people that promote a lower voting age, transgender transitions for kids, etc.

    • DJ

      I’ve been equally dismayed. A 14 and 15 year old (with a 17 yo) killed Reena Virk and they’re (rightly) serving life sentences. Difference? They weren’t muslim, and they’re white. Probably a long list of similar cases with incidents of people the same age serving adult sentences in Canada yet Khadr was a “child” — soft bigotry of low expectations or perhaps Islamophilia?

      And even if it were true, why would their parents’ child abuse put Canadians on the hook for $10.5M? Why aren’t they arresting the mother for child abuse? It’s not like they reported their son as being abducted by the father–in fact they gave interviews in support of Al Quaeda and the jihad. They’ll take away your kids in this country if they identify as a zebra for a week and you don’t give them surgery, but if you send them overseas it’s Canada’s fault.

      Does this teen look like an unhappy abused child:

      • kkruger71

        Good comparison with the Virk case. Yet another double standard as most of the same people were likely in favour of the long sentences since anti-bullying was thee flavour of the month back then.

      • Gary

        Chretien was the PM , let him pay Khadr the $10.5 million. If not, Liberals will never change their corruption and theft of tax dollars as we saw in the AdScam where Martin and Chretien told Justice Gomery that they are too stupid to be expected to know what goes on under them .
        Wynne keep buying votes and now Justin got her the Muslims vote in Ontario where about 90% live there plus 2,000,000+ public Union adults that vote for Justin and her.

  • DJ

    The leftist media (i.e. 99% of media) is in full propaganda mode. A slew of pro-Khadr pieces locked-and-loaded for the CBC-Torstar-CTV-GlobalNews watching cattle to rationalize this on some moral and intellectually superior level. The constant prattling about “The Charter…” with an almost masturbatory reverence for a seriously flawed document (hence the reasoning for the Notwithstanding Clause) is the greatest strawman to this fiasco. Khadr sued Canada on the premise that Canada conspired with the US for his alleged torture. Given a 9 page ruling in the USA by a judge that he was NOT tortured by (paraphrasing here) “even a liberal interpretation of the word torture” the articles of the case ought not hold water. Further, stating that Canada exerted protocols on Guantanamo Bay’s prisoner treatment is a pretty big stretch, but that’s the only way they can tie the Charter to the whipping post. Trudeau’s capitulation with the cherry of apology on top has nothing to do with lawfare, and everything to do with his ideological leanings.

    • Bla Bla

      Heh, the same ‘charter’ that they crap all over when they turn M103 into C103… They can stuff it.

      • DJ

        Yep, just like Bill C-16 abrogates Section 2 of the Charter. Where’s the leftist outrage?

        • Bla Bla

          They can pick and choose the charter they want. Sort of like a buffet, but with our rights instead!

    • A Hamilton Guy

      There was an editorial in the Hamilton rag; I could’ve puked! Torstar owns it, so we know where the bullshit comes from. My friend, a life long lieberal, says not any more.

    • Gary

      Maher Arar alleged torture in his homeland of syria and sued us for $400,000,000.00 which was extortion tgo get $10/.2 out of Court. Will Samson was being tortured according to MP Bill Graham and he said that it was better than upsetting the saudi’s that might behead him.
      He got back to canada and didn’t get a penny but two muslims that LIED aboout Torture now split $20.7 million . Khadr said he saw Maher Arar at an Al-Qaeda camp in Afghanistan.

      The CBC doesn’t care the Omar was caught in 2016 using his iPhone to go back to terrorism by contacting his buddies from GITMO .

      The quran allows muslims lie if it’s to fool the unbelievers as you plot to kill them. Smile to their face but curse then in your hearts ….they are no different than the muslims in London or Paris and it just a matter otime until they get the number to bomb the TTC subway and buses while torching cars every summer.
      Everything they touch turns to $h*t and bring pain plus wars.

      • DJ

        I took the Arar case at face value back-when (i.e. RCMP informing US intelligence that he was a terrorist suspect and doing so without reliable intel, and therefore falsely). But after seeing his shilling for the Khadr settlement (stating that he’d rather have millions of Khadr’s than Ezra Levants or Tarek Fatah’s in Canada). Notwithstanding that Levant is born in Canada so Arar can fuck right off, and Fatah is one of the few “9-to-5” muslims who actually criticize the religion, I have to wonder why his enthusiasm? I’m thinking I need to look more into his case given your statement that Khadr claimed he saw him in an Al Quaeda camp.

        • Gary

          I followed the inquiry. he and his wife traveled to radical mosque in USA and went by car so there were no paper trails at the airport. Plus….they knew that Canada doesn’t record when people leave that country. Arar tried too smuggle a laptop back into Canada and wouldn’t give the password so Customs could look at it. His house in Ottawa was raided and the RCMP found Hard drives and DATA discs in the attic and walls.
          CAIR coaches muslims to not help the RCMP , so Arar refused to help them with the terrorist at their Ottawa mosque that was later arrested. He came to Canada as a refugee from Syria to avoid Military service…….but how odd that right at the time of the 1989 Jihad slaughter in Montreal i see that Arar filed am application to own a gun (FAC).
          Later on he didn’t renew it because he wanted to get his citizenship and got married to pump out children and assure a stay.

          I watched the CBC and STAR refuse to report on the damaging evidence coming out on Arar such as a second home in Boston near the 9/11 airport used that day and how the FBI watched his attending that radical pro-jihad Boston mosque now tied to 3 terrorists .
          The Arar’s fled canada for Tunisia because his wife had relatives there. But they were being watched by the police for ties to pro-hamas orgs , in 2008 CAIR was exposed for funding hamas with donation and it was CAIR that supplied lawyers and witnesses for arar’s inquiry.
          The news archives will prove that every group that help in the extortion to get the Arar’s the $10.2 million had gotten donation from the arar’s millions.
          As for Tunisia. When the police were coming in closer it was Maher that fled by Plane to fly to the USA because he was wanted in canada by the RCMP after his home was raided . But, he was a young sunni male by himself from a middle east flight as a Syria n using a Canadian passport.
          What would you do just 1 year after 9/11 when arar fit the profile of the 19 male hijackers ?
          He was flagged getting off the plane just from his FBI file for the Boston mosque and California Mosques know for ties to al-qaeda.
          What the media didn’t report was that Tunisia refused him a return flight for fear of a refugee claim where they couldn’t kick him out .
          It took 2 weeks until they found JORDAN to take him because it’s about 75% palestinian which his wife was tied to as a refugee.

          He was to meet his family and fly direct to canada …..but that was his ruse because they didn’t want to come back from their home being raided. His wife didn’t should up…but bounty hunters did and nabbed him where he said that THEY tortured him for 14 days.
          NOT tortured in Syria as he later said when he sued us . He was transported back to his homeland for a military trial as a draft-dodger but his wife used the al-qaeda manual that coaches jihadists to alleged torture and get your wife to exploit the western media.
          She ran to the STAR and CBC with the BS story that they both ate up as well as Jack Layton.

          He gets back to canada and see how his lawsuit against Jordan was tossed out…so CAIR got him to sue canada for $400,000,000.00 to make the News and start the propaganda.

          A guy flees his homeland for canada to avoid military service as a peaceful muslim. Then applies for the weapons permit and chums around the suspected terrorists . His wife didn’t know about the gun permit or that he married her to get the citizenship because she was a sunni and refugee as well.

          He was held in his homeland and still has his Syrian citizenship. We can’t afford these dual citizen muslims that use our passport to globe trot and do jihad …but once in trouble we have to bail them out only to see them sue us.
          Ungrateful parasite that know that lawsuit work so muslims don;t have to .

          • DJ

            Ask and ye shall receive…thanks for this!

          • Gary

            Below is a photo of the CAIR Florida leaflet that asked muslims not to help the FBI which is why the Orlando gay bar saw 49 people slaughtered. The killers mosque just had a visiting Imam that called for killing gays .
            My guess is that the media fears having their HQ’s bombed or staff beheaded. So it’s cheaper to keep up the charade that 99% of the muslims are peaceful . But out of the 56 OIC’s muslim nations…. not one muslim can give me a list of just 4 Nations where the 99% live because 16 do allow jews in , 10 sanctions murder gays while they all use the same Quran that tells them to convert or kill the current 6,000,000,000 non-muslims on Earth.

            Pretty tough to hide 99% of 1.5 muslims. The must live somewhere.


  • ontario john

    The CBC has quickly come to the aid of feminist Trudeau by dropping the story, and running one of its stories today, about poor Somaili muslims crossing the border. They gave the heart breaking story of how poor they were in Somali, but had over 37 thousand dollars to spend to get here. From my experience in Somalia, the only people that have that kind of money are the friends and families of war lords, or pirates.

    • Exile1981

      If they have 37k to get here they are not law abiding people.

    • Gary

      i remember in the 1990’s when a war lord sent one of his wives with 4 children to canada for us to pay their bills to save hi m money for terrorism.
      His son lived in california in a huge house and the media reported her visiting him there but she refused to go to the USA first because they weren’t suckers to take her in when her husband was killing Americans.
      Welfare got her a house in London plus $2500.00 a month to not work.

  • Blind Druid

    That 10.5 Mill just bought the Liberal party every Muslim vote in Canada for the next federal election. It is Islamic Jizya. Every mosque in North America (and beyond) are laughing their asses off at Canada right now. We almost look as fucking ridiculous as the U.K. — and man, that is sayin’ somethin’.

    • Linda1000

      We already are as f**king ridiculous as the U.K., maybe on a slightly smaller scale for financial payouts to terrorists and jizyah muslim tax to refugees.