‘Comfort women’: Researchers claim first known film

South Korea has released what it says is the first known footage of “comfort women” forced to work as sex slaves for Japanese soldiers during World War Two.

Filmed by US troops in China, the clip was found by government-funded researchers at Seoul National University in US archives.

The 18-second clip shows several women lined up talking to a Chinese soldier.

  • Gary

    What….i thought CUPE and the Teachers Union told uis the the USA was the bad guy in WW2 that attacked those innocent Germans and japanese???

    Every August I see those No-War posters that condemn the USA for the 2 bombs that killed civilians in japan. Forget about the 10 million plus they slaughtered since 1931 and that they had a pact with Germany .

  • Japan has apologised for the use of Korean comfort women under the previous South Korean president:


    For whatever that was worth.