A look at left-wing radicalism in Europe

How many left-wing extremists are there in Europe?

It is difficult to name exact figures since far more research has been done about extremism on the political Right than on the Left. As the mayhem in Hamburg showed, there is a radical left-wing network in Europe whose activities are at least somewhat coordinated. But Europol says it doesn’t have any reliable estimates of the numbers of people involved.

In its latest report on the defense of the country’s constitution, the German Interior Ministry estimates that in 2016, Germany (total population 81.4 million) had 28,500 left-wing extremists, of whom 8,500 were considered violent. Far-left radicalism exists across Europe, and countries like Italy, Greece and Sweden have radical left-wing subcultures that are at least as prominent as Germany’s. There has been significant left-wing street violence in relatively well-heeled places like Zurich and Bern in Switzerland as well.

  • Gary

    Most cover their face because they are in the Public Unions.

    Toronto has the poverty groups in bed with CUPE where they create new Human Rights and disabilities to get ODSP which mean more CUPE jobs to hand out Che checks.
    Recently we saw how the Internet and Air Conditioning was being pushed as a Human Right in Government housing . Obesity is close to become a disability where fat people on welfare can now get twice as much on ODSP.

  • canminuteman

    Germany is reliving the days of the Weimar republic. It didn’t end well last time either.

  • Hard Little Machine

    So it’s all fine. All good.