School detention is a kind of violence, says ‘conflict guru’ who complains it is creating a ‘domination culture’

It has been a dreaded – but apparently harmless – punishment for generations of naughty children forced to stay in class after school while their friends go home.

But now detention has been branded a ‘kind of violence’ by a Government-funded conflict expert – to the dismay of traditionalists.

Thinking like this has brought you the new “Face of Europe”.

  • Tom Forsythe

    They have to conflate everything with violence, so that their violence is “justified.”

    In fact, their entire shtick is false equivalency. It is the only way they can reach the conclusion that we all deserve economic equality.

  • shasta

    Reading that article was an unjustified violent assault on my sanity. That woman should be kept away from children. The end result of her “ideas” can be seen in schools today where teachers hide and cower from the students.

  • Editor

    Remove the idea of peronal responsibility and the fact that actions have consequences. Good life lessons. These kids will be ready for university.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I really don’t believe public education should be mandatory.