Once the Cathedral of Kensington, now a heroin shooting gallery

The gas company supervisor showed up at Mother of Mercy, a storefront church on Allegheny Avenue, in late June. He’d just been inside the long-shuttered Ascension of Our Lord, a hulking cathedral of a building at F and Westmoreland. After what he’d seen, he needed to speak with a priest.

He’d been working in the neighborhood, the PGW man said, and slipped through a broken stained-glass window to take some photos for his wife, who had grown up in the parish. That’s when he saw the mess of needles carpeting the floor and pews — and the figures moving in the darkness.

h/t MW

  • BillyHW

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    • Tweety58

      Listen Catholic Hater…you’e come to the wrong place to spill your bile.

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      • BillyHW

        Will you hear my confession, father?

        • Tweety58

          Keep it up asshole,you are revealing your black soul.

          • David Murrell

            BillyHW, last week, posted an anti-Semitic statement, claiming that the next anti-Christ would be “a Jew”. I had thought he was just another pro-Muslim troll trying to damage this BCF site as much as possible. But his recent deranged posts lead me to think there is something worse going on.

      • Frances

        He hates women too. It’s one thing to say that the emancipation of women was a bad thing, and argue for why one thinks that was, but he doesn’t limit himself to that. His obvious vitriol toward females gives away the fact that he despises them and is not able to think rationally in regard to issues like women’s voting rights.

        • David Murrell

          I agree with you, especially with the point that BillHW has lost all forms of rational thought.. What’s bad is that there is a war on (western society vs. Islam) and this BCF site is one of the major weapons against the evil of Islam. Yet BillyHW is oblivious to this war, and trolls away purposely damaging the BCF site the war effort.