New study reveals Europe’s rising anti-Semitism forces Jews to leave or hide

Why do half of French Jews want to leave France? The rise of violent anti-Semitism beginning around the turn of the century has made French Jews justifiably concerned about their personal safety.

A University of Oslo study published in June is one of the most methodologically sophisticated and comprehensive reports in dissecting the growth of Europe’s anti-Semitism problem.

Authored by Dr. Johannes Due Enstad of the Center for Research on Extremism, the study documents violent anti-Semitism from 2005-2015, analyzing seven countries based on comparable data for France, the U.K., Germany and Sweden, with additional non-comparable data for Norway, Denmark and Russia.

  • k1962

    France, trading their Jews for Muslims. How’s that working out for them?

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      I no-longer think it’s the Frenchmen making that decision.

      • It’s a very strange disconnect.

      • k1962

        Because they’re more liberal than Jewish. Why do Protestant churches bring in and settle non Christian refugees in the U.S.?

        • Drunk_by_Noon

          I think you are getting warmer!
          I think leftism/socialism/whateveryouwantacallit has become a religion and a belief system in it’s own right.
          Both the Christians and the Jews need to expel those people and groups and say you are no-longer Jews and you are no-longer Christians.
          If they are not PUBLICLY expelled and denounced then the remaining Christians and Jews are complicit in the hijacking and cooption of their respective beliefs.

          • k1962

            Jewish Liberals have their own synagogues and organizations which they belong to, Reform, Secular Humanist and some Conservative synagogues. They wouldn’t go to an Orthodox synagogue where they would feel uncomfortable because the members there would most likely not share their values. It’s the same with the Protestant churches to a degree. Here in Vancouver I remember a split taking place between the Liberal and more Conservative leaning members of the Anglican church. I cannot exactly remember the story, but it involved land and churches and a decision made at the top. It got ugly.

            Uch. I want nothing to do with these people who are into self-harming. I can no longer even tolerate them as friends.

          • Alain


      • Alain

        Well, much the same was seen in the mid to late 30s in Germany, which is why too many refused to accept reality and waited until too late to escape. The same applied to many French Jews also.

        • Drunk_by_Noon

          The French Jews in the late 1930’s were behaving rationally according to the entire recent history of France (she hadn’t lost a war since Napoleon’s time) and even then losing a war between European powers never meant having segments of your population genocided.
          Had I been a Jew in 1933 Paris, and you told me that I would be in a gas chamber ten years hence, along with all other Jews in France and Europe, I would have laughed in your face.
          The whole idea of a holocaust would have been inconceivable.

    • That crocodile don’t care what order he eats you.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Talk about burying the lead.

    “Who is responsible for the attacks on Jews? In every country studied, except for Russia, the perpetrators are disproportionately of Muslim backgrounds. A British study cited in the University of Oslo report notes that the proportion of Muslim perpetrators increases in the wake of “trigger events” in the Middle East.

    In what might be considered a clumsy attempt to downplay anti-Semitism, German authorities do not classify anti-Israeli incidents as anti-Semitism. This results in absurdity. A Muslim firebombing of a synagogue can be classified as an anti-Israeli event, but not anti-Semitic.”

    • I’m shocked!

    • k1962

      Bending over backwards to placate them. They cannot be placated. They are laughing at us.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Following the downfall of the Soviet Union, more than a million Jews moved to Israel. Many of them were technicians and they sent the Israeli economy into overdrive with their innovations. Many of the French Jews now moving to Israel are also technicians. Israel’s gain is France’s loss. (The city of Netanya is nicknamed “the Riviera” because of its large number of French speakers.)

  • Hard Little Machine

    Half is about right. Half will leave given the chance. Half will never leave no matter what. In a generation there will be, effectively no Jews in Western Europe: France, Belgium, Denmark, Holland, the UK, Ireland, The Baltics, Austria, Spain, Portugal. Italy and Germany will hang on for a white. Greece is finished. Former Yugoslavia’s been dead. Obviously all the Nordics will be ethnically cleansed. Switzerland, who cares. Luxembourg, Lichtenstein, ditto. What’s left? Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Mother Russia. Those countries that fall to zero will experience 50% emigration and 50% die out in a generation.