Liberals two-faced on Khadr

Muslim terrorist given 10 million by Justin Trudeau

The Omar Khadr case is a textbook example of how the federal Liberals, Canada’s self-described natural governing party, operate.

They do it by hypocritically changing their spots – if you don’t like Liberal principles, hang around for a few minutes, because they’ll have new ones – while blaming controversies on the Conservatives, for which Liberals were responsible.

A brief tour through the highlights of Liberal interactions with Khadr over the years illustrates the point.

  • BillyHW

    Nice women don’t want the vote!

  • Liberals are always two-faced. Really – we should have seen this (and worse) coming.

  • JoKeR

    Did you notice that Justin Trudeau doesn’t do press conferences with Omar Khadr.

    If he did the overwhelming smugness from each might combine into a huge Smug Storm!