Left-wing site Media Matters on Trump’s war on the media

From Pam Vogel at

As Columbia Journalism Review Editor-in-Chief Kyle Pope noted this morning, reporters “aren’t obligated to cede the media agenda to this or any other administration.” While documenting Trump’s frequent (and disturbing) attacks on the press is important, it can be counterproductive when the attention devoted to the president’s temper tantrums completely overwhelms reporting on vitally important policy issues. One way journalists can help fight back is to make sure Trump can’t count on his attacks on the press to drown out coverage of the implications of his policy priorities, like the Republicans’ health care bill. More.

Reality check: Take a shower. Trump is playing these vapid post-media for the idiots that they are. Obama complained that they had given Trump hundreds of million of dollars of free publicity (true) in their tantrum over his refusal to live according to their rules.

Trump is reaching out beyond them. His agenda will succeed or fail on his ability to connect with people who do not care what talk show hosts are melting down over.

Just possibly, some people who think boring stuff like jobs, public safety, and national security are important.

Which just proves how right-wing we all are and how much we need fixing.

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