Left-wing ‘diversity’ vs Muslims and their ‘customs’

Previously Starbucks was mocked by all sides for its ill-advised “Race Together” initiative”. Despite its efforts to be all social justicy Starbucks locations remain a favoured target for Antifa/Black Bloc rioters.

Starbucks, the famously left-wing coffee chain, is being boycotted in a case of blue-on-blue activism.

Muslim groups in Malaysia and Indonesia are calling for the boycott due to the coffee chain’s vocal support for homosexual rights.

The spokesman for a Malaysian Islamic group said that country should revoke Starbucks’ trading license as well as other companies, including Microsoft and Apple, that support homosexual rights, The Washington Post reported.

The liberal policies violate Malaysia’s constitution and Islam in particular, the group claims.

  • Cat-astrophe

    There must be a misunderstanding. Yea that’s it, a misunderstanding!

  • Solo712

    I don’t boycott Starbucks because I never go there in the first place!

  • Hard Little Machine

    It’s funny that the more these retards try to but the world a coke the more stupid shit they do. They don’t understand the world and the world doesn’t understand them.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    I have never bought; nor never will, buy Starbucks Shit.

  • Blacksmith

    They made their bed, now they can lie in it.

  • Tooth&Claw

    They had a concept. High priced coffee sold in a comfy library like space. Too bad they got far too big for their britches.

  • K1

    Now how many Canadian Politicians can I poison today
    …will that be Cadmium or zinc with your latte today?