In France, do not dare to criticize Islam

In France, the land of liberty, equlity and fraternity, to say a bad word about Islam means a hefty fine and court appearance – and no one who dares to defend you.

The controversy began with his intervention in September 2016 on the broadcast “C à vous”. Éric Zemmour was then immediately sued at the 17th Criminal Court of the Paris Court. He must respond to the alleged offense of “incitement to discrimination and hatred against people of Muslim faith”. The lawsuit is promoted by the EuroPalestine Association.

Zemmour is in trouble for a few sentences, such as the ones describing Muslims as those who “have to choose between Islam and France”, saying that “Jihad is a religious duty”, that “Muslims consider jihadists as good Muslims” and that “moderate Islam does not exist”. Ideas. Ideas are debatable in a European pluralist democracy proud of the free circulation of ideas, as well as goods and people. But these ideas are becoming forbidden in France.

  • Starlord

    Coming soon to Canada.

  • simus1

    The French ruling class are best understood as politicians/bureaucrats: like the Chinese of europe with really heavy duty delusions of feudal grandeur.

    • It’s like Manhattan but with better wine.

      • Etobicoke_Gladiator

        Manhattan has infinitely better wine for the $ than the shithole of Paris in the shithole of France. Sad, yet true. Manhattan is also a thousand times more civilized than the shithole of Paris in the shithole of France.

        Go to Paris, tomorrow, BCF, and check out how 95% of all tables at patios and cafes and bars in Paris people drink BELGIAN beer. And those are the Europeans who still visit that shithole. My goodness, the French can’t even fucking make beer any more worth drinking, let alone wine.

  • Alain

    Forget France, Canada has M103.

  • canminuteman

    I think we tend to think Europeans are a lot more civilized than they really are. We see the art, architecture, literature and engineering and think that they (and us) are the peak of civilization. They aren’t.

    Britain has a thousand years of history of average people slowly becoming freer and freer, and I think you could argue that they reached “peak liberalism” in the late nineteenth/early twentieth century. I think they have been falling since the end of WW11 and falling quickly since the end of Thatcher. I think the Anglosphere inherited that tradition. Both us and “the mother country”, but more so the mother country have been drawing down on that capital, and it is almost used up.

    Most of rest of Europe to greater or lesser degree has very little history of liberalism. Germany has only been a country since 1870 and it borders seem to change every 50 years and we are now in the “fourth Reich” since 1870.The great German political philosophers were Marx and Nietzsche. Germany started WW1, suffered through the Weimar Republic, started WW2, and half of the country was the Deutsche Demokratische Republik for forty odd years.

    The French had the French Revolution, Napoleon, the Revolution of 1848, the Paris Commune of 1870, The Vichy Regime and the near civil war of 1968. They do not really have a history of peaceful orderly politics. We tend not to dwell on this too much, I suspect because they are white.

    Those are the two examples I can give without doing any research. Eastern Europe has been a bloodbath since WW1. Italian politics are always chaos, Spain has been at war with itself or a dictatorship for most of the twentieth Century, Portugal was a military dictatorship for a good chunk of the twentieth century.

    I think Switzerland is really the only country that I can think of in Europe that you can say has a long tradition of “peace order and good government.

    • Alain

      I think your take is indeed accurate.