Great American Cookie Store Disciplines Employee For Buying Cop A Cookie

The incident happened on Sunday while Zack Randolph was working at Great American Cookie. The employee saw a uniformed police officer come in to buy a cookie, and he offered to buy the officer the cookie, using his own money.

“I did it because I thought it was very respectful,” Randolph told KPRC 2.

People in line behind the officer were upset and wanted the low-wage employee to buy their cookies as well. [Ed: Gibsmedat!]

“They were asking if I was going to buy them a cookie. And I told them both, ‘No. They don’t have a badge. I’m sorry,’” Randolph said.

The customers started to threaten to beat him up or get him fired for buying the officer a cookie and then refusing to buy everybody else a cookie. Randolph’s mother posted to Facebook:

“The next family walked up and said “are you going to buy mine too?” My son replied with “I’m sorry I bought his because he is wearing a badge”…… then this customer started verbally attacking him, calling my son a racist, & threatened to beat him up. His wife threatened to go back there and slap him.. The middle aged man sat down his little daughter and tried to come behind the counter to attack him. Thankfully his coworker defused the situation. The man then said “I will get you fired”.

As soon as this man started the attack my son, he stepped back and walked away… he said very little to this man.

on Monday he received a text stating that he was to bring all of his “stuff” the next day for a meeting with his manager and upper manager.

“Tuesday he walks in with all his stuff. He was told the upper managers want him fired. Thankfully his manager refused and said you are an excellent worker and and everyone agreed that you did nothing wrong (The day before this situation he was offered a $2 an hour raise and management) He then started his normal scheduled shift. He worked 2-3 hours , when he was called into the back room where she had written him up. It says “he bought a cookie for a police officer and a customer wanted to physically fight him” it does state “if this happens again he will be terminated.” Then she stated after todays shift you will be on a 1 week suspension…”

Randolph’s mother’s Facebook post generated severe backlash, and the corporate office responded.

“Our stores are independently managed and operated. However, when the situation was brought to our attention, Great American Cookies Corporate went directly to our franchisee to ensure that the situation was addressed and handled appropriately,” said executive vice president of Great American Cookies, David Kaiser, told KPRC2.

  • Manual Paleologos

    Filthy, entitled Democrats.

  • Waffle

    Amazing how the cookie crumbles, isn’t it?

  • BillyHW

    Why are we still paying for cheap cotton hundreds of years later?

    • David Murrell

      75-IQ BillyHW, what does your comment have to do with the topic at hand?

      • BillyHW

        David, I can’t hold back the whole class just for you. If you’re having trouble understanding something, please come see me during office hours and I’ll be happy to help.

      • M.

        You have an IQ of 75? Would it help if he explained it slowly in all caps?

  • bargogx1

    I’m going to have to sort of side with the store on this one. When you remove all the extraneous info, such as who the employee was buying the cookie, for, why, and why some of the other customers objected, an employee should probably not be offering to pay for the purchases of any customers. Of course I do not agree with the over the top punishment, or the psychotic reaction of some of the other customers.

    • Alain

      Unless that was already the store’s policy and it was known, I would have to disagree. However I would support such a policy for all employees, supervisors and managers. This has everything to do with the Obama legacy of his and his administration’s war on cops rather than the judgement of the employee, which is why his employer should have backed him up.

    • M.

      When you remove the extraneous info, like a low wage worker buying a guy that actually contributes to society a snack out of respect, and some loser BLM adult charity case thinking he can beat some kid up because he’s a cowardly black racist, and some stupid ass racist franchisee that thinks it’s the kid that should be punished, and a gutless American company that didn’t immediately fire the franchisee on the spot and confiscate their equipement for the irreparable harm his dumb racist ass did to their reputation…

      well yeah, you’re still an idiot.

      • bargogx1

        They’re all in the wrong, except for the cop, and you can take a flying fucking leap.

  • Tooth&Claw

    What kind of attitude makes anyone think they’re entitled to be gifted with a cookie?

    • Exile1981

      Democrats and life long welfare leeches.

  • DMB

    It’s as if the customers in line were the cookie monster!

  • Brett_McS

    You want a free cookie? You want me to give you a free cookie. No cookies for you! One month. NEXT!

  • WalterBannon

    OK three comments.

    1. Why is this poor minimum wage sap buying a well paid civil servant a cookie?

    2. Why do the entitled and violent democrats think that they deserve to have cookies bought for them too?

    3. Why is management punishing him for spending his own money on their product? If he want to buy a cookie for someone who can well afford to buy their own cookie that is still his right.

    This store should be boycotted. Its management sucks

    • Will Quest

      Why do the entitled and violent democrats think that they deserve to have cookies bought for them too?
      It’s the damaged day-care generation they still rage on abandonment issues .