Europe’s Mass Migration: The Leaders vs. the Public

Is Bill Gates a Nazi, racist, “Islamophobe” or fascist? As PG Wodehouse’s most famous butler would have said, “The eventuality would appear to be a remote one”. So far nobody in any position of influence has made such claims about the world’s largest philanthropist. Possibly — just possibly — something is changing in Europe.

In an interview published July 2 in the German paper Welt Am Sonntag, the co-founder of Microsoft addressed the ongoing European migration crisis. What he said was surprising:

“On the one hand you want to demonstrate generosity and take in refugees. But the more generous you are, the more word gets around about this — which in turn motivates more people to leave Africa. Germany cannot possibly take in the huge number of people who are wanting to make their way to Europe.”

These words would be uncontroversial to the average citizen of Europe.

  • Liberal Progressive

    But our leaders tell us diversity and multiculturalism are good, so more must be better and lots must be great!

    If you don’t know that you mustn’t be listening to Justin’s speeches or listening to the CBC.

    • It’s simply a numbers game. It never gets better.

  • Millie_Woods

    “These words would be uncontroversial to the average citizen of Europe.”

    The average citizen of France overwhelmingly rejected a party that campaigned mainly on immigration reform. IMO, history has shown that Europeans are incapable of nipping a problem in the bud. It’s not in their genes. Immigration was a problem for them in the ’80s, it’s now a crisis and will eventually be a catastrophe.

    • I do not understand how Marine lost

    • tom_billesley

      Hitler could have been stopped when he remilitarised the Rhineland in 1936, then again at the Munich conference. in 1938

  • Shebel

    Look at those hardworking construction BUILDERS.
    Every Country should Welcome them.
    Prosperity Beckons.