Picture shows Female ISIS fighter holding child moments before detonating suicide vest

At first sight the picture appears to show a mother cradling her child as she escapes the clutches of Islamic State in Mosul.

But a look closer and you see she is holding a detonator.

Islam and brutality go hand in hand.

  • Dana Garcia

    So is the baby considered an accessory to jihad and eligible for all the benefits??

    Islam is a hell of a religion, for sure.

    • Kids are chattel in islam

      • Alain

        As are women.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Well… the truth just might be worse.
      The parents of martyred children in Islam confer some kind of benefit onto the parents in the parents’ afterlife.
      She might have just been padding her “expense account” with Allah, as it were.
      In other words, an even more selfish act than it would first seem.
      When it comes to Islam, it’s usually WORSE than it looks.

    • Exile1981

      It may not even be her child, they have been known to give the kids of infidels to suicide bombers to use as props, but more often they just select one of their own and see no issue with it.

  • deplorabledave

    Muslims and depravity-joined at the hip.

  • JoKeR
  • Hard Little Machine

    Every female jihadi is 8 or 9 fewer jihadis down the road. If her child was a girl that’s almost 20 fewer we have to worry about. It’s a win win

    • Maybe there’s a limit to how monstrous you should allow your thinking to become.

      • Hard Little Machine

        To me these articles are just virtue porn. You don’t care you just want people to be horrified about something they can’t fix

        • You tell me I don’t care? I don’t care specifically about that baby because I never knew him/her. I don’t care in the sense that I don’t grieve, as I could if I had a personal connection. As an individual s/he’s just an image on a screen. But I am familiar with the concept of “baby”. I’ve met babies. To say that you think it’s a good thing – a “win/win” – that an infant was murdered because it might have been female and grown up to breed unpleasant offspring is vicious. If you want to pretend to be a decent guy maybe you should protect your account. Your comments on other sites are so violent and inhuman that I can honestly say I’m extremely glad not to know you in real life. Even though it’s probably all just keyboard warrior nonsense, but still, such a quantity of venom is horrifying.

          Monstrous is not the same thing as strong. Glorying in the death of infants is kind of monstrous.

          • Hard Little Machine

            Yes but therefore what? More gore on the side of the road? Who’s going to be swayed let alone mobilized. What’s the actual point? It’s like every blog article about how (where’s my fainting couch??) Muslims and Arabs loathe and despise Jews. Uh ok.

          • “Who’s going to be swayed let alone mobilized.”

            So you see yourself as on a mission to make people more “woke”?

          • Hard Little Machine

            No that’s silly. But I’ve spent enough time in the third world to accept what the third world looks like. Since 2001 the west has been fascinated and repelled by the Arab and Muslim world as if they stumbled upon some long buried and obscure secret that is only being brought to light. But even in my memory and I suspect yours I can recall incident after incident atrocity after atrocity. 150,000 killed in Algeria in the 1990’s, 1 million dead in the Iran-Iraq war, millions slaughtered in Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, the CAR, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, etc.

            Point being is that all our virtue signalling all our outrage at a distance is largely the effect of social media and the immediacy of for the first time in human history having raw unedited access to every mass murder on the planet. The events aren’t new, the opinions on them are.

            Is that cold blooded? Perhaps. But then again, when you personally are confronted by a child soldier high on drugs and struggling to heft his AK you can rub him over with your car or you can I guess, try to help him. Because one way or another someone is getting killed in that interaction.

          • So where does human empathy end? Literally, geographically, where? Because I know people from the Middle East who are human beings. That doesn’t mean I want any more of them immigrating here, that’s a whole ‘nother thing, but I know they’re not all non-humans.

            This isn’t romanticization of the third world. I don’t do that. Nor do I want to solve their problems. But I am not going to be clapping my hands in glee because a baby got blown up. Again: the most extreme person is not necessarily the toughest, strongest person. That’s an angry adolescent’s view of the world.

          • Hard Little Machine

            You seem to conflate my literal mindedness with sarcasm. I was being more or less factually correct. As a ‘war strategy’ killing the women is bad strategy. It’s like blowing up your own weapons factories. The intent can only be one of two things – a) to shock people or b) it’s effective and efficient.

            And let’s not forget that a woman, ostensibly the baby’s own mother but maybe not, blew him or her up. Not someone else. It wasn’t a drone or an accident. It was someone whose tactics work from the essential premise that normal people will do normal things and psychopaths do psychopathic things. Fifteen years ago the first ‘palestinian’ woman became the first suicide bomber in Israel. People clutched their pearls and could not imagine how the ‘weaker sex’ could do that. And that was why it worked. If you’re willing to toss aside normalcy that what’s left? Psychopathy. That’s what you’re confronted with, a society of psychopaths. the Tamil Tigers invented suicide bombers and they invented women as a suicide bombers because people are less likely to to think women are a threat. When that became commonplace they switched to children. The same thing happened in in Vietnam. This is how brutal savage wars are fought. They are meant to shock you, to make you pull up short. The hope is always that the liberal call of “let’s not descend to their level” wins the day because when ‘we’ do they lose.

            I would expand further on how that is a high risk approach because it runs the risk of losing the populace’ ‘hearts and minds’ but that’s for another day.

          • Very well. You’re a realist. Or a psychopath. Or both.

          • Hard Little Machine

            Neither. Just someone with a broader experiential view.

  • Maggat

    Pity about the child, but the woman? Who cares. Here’s a hope this will start a trend, just leave the little ones out of it.

  • B!#ch.

    • You’re very kind.

    • Clink9

      Don’t lump her in with our nice female dog!

  • k1962

    Donald Trump has the right idea about not letting people from that part of the world immigrate here. It’s too bad that it has to be so broad because of political correctness. We all know which middle easterners will blow themselves up and which will not.

    • Yo Mama

      It ain’t just the ones from from da Middle East, but from Somalia and Pakistan and other place but always da ones from the Umma!

      • k1962

        Yep, but it doesn’t need to include Christians who will be banned too because we cannot just exclude the ummah because it would seem Islamophobic, never mind that that is who it’s really aimed at (run on sentence, I know).