Join the fight against anti-white indoctrination in our schools!

Mayfield Secondary School, in Caledon, Ontario is home to a concerned mother, Rebecca Knotts.

Rebecca doesn’t believe in the concept of “white privilege” that the teachers are indoctrinating in her son’s grade school classrooms.

This family just wants opposing arguments to be taught as well. “White privilege” is far from a fact, and if children are going to be indoctrinated with that theory, then opposing theories should be presented as well.

So when Rebecca’s son voiced his disagreement with the teacher as she was teaching white privilege, it should come as no surprise that the son was met with a racist remark.

  • BillyHW

    Hey teacher, leave our kids alone!

    • Exile1981

      Have you seen the stats on female teachers raping male students? Not only do these sjw teachers believe its their job to indoctrinate children but they see nope problem with using kids to satisfy their depraved sexual fantasies.

  • shasta

    It seems pretty foolish to me for the mother to allow her son to take courses that actively indoctrinate against beliefs that she has taught him, and which go against education policy in the province. She is ensuring that her son will get poor marks in the course (and maybe other courses as well).
    A long time ago when in high school I tried something similar, my marks went from 85 to 50 to 95 over a three year period in English because I tried to disagree with the teacher I had in the middle year.
    The student in the video said he wanted to take Social Justice next year – not a good move I would think.

  • pdxnag

    It is racist to say that White babies are not born uniquely racist. There is absolutely no argument that you can offer to penetrate this settled farce. Just give the other guy more bonus points on their aptitude tests and call it good.

  • canminuteman

    It’s not all one sided. My grade 8 son was telling us about him having a SJW substitute teacher for a day who was going on about the gender pay gap, and before the class was over she had been called on her BS and reduced to tears. There is hope yet.

  • ontario john

    GET YOU KIDS OUT OF ONTARIO SCHOOLS, OR FIGHT BACK!! Put them in private Christian schools, home teach, or fight back. Its unbelievable that racist teachings against white students can be allowed. Perhaps the best approach to satisfy whiny indians and other groups, is to close down schools, since education is a colonial invention. The kids can sit around camp fires and make baskets or cook squirrels.

  • simus1

    Please don’t blame the “teachers”, they are just following orders.
    Highly paid “jobs” requiring such minimal effort are not that easy to come by.

    • andycanuck

      Hmm. I seem to recall “just following orders” was no longer a legal defence. 🙂