Eastern Europe Chooses to Keep Western Civilization

  • “The greatest difference is that in Europe, politics and religion have been separated from one another, but in the case of Islam it is religion that determines politics” — Zoltan Balog, Hungary’s Minister for Human Resources.
  • It is no coincidence that President Donald Trump chose Poland, a country that fought both Nazism and Communism, to call on the West to show a little willingness in its existential fight against the new totalitarianism: radical Islam.
  • “Possessing weapons is one thing, and possessing the will to use them is another thing altogether”. — Professor William Kilpatrick, Boston College.
  • Oracle9

    The Colosseum may be impressive but considering where the funds came from to build it, not so much, as far as an example for an apologia for Western civilization.

  • Starlord

    Socks will solve everything.

  • Paul X

    It’s really questionable how much separation there is between church and state in the west. Our established church is the Government Religion.

  • Western Europe was decaying as eastern Europe was fighting for its freedom. What we are seeing is western Europe on its last legs. Naturally, the only ones to save anything European won’t be from France or the UK.

    • john700

      Sorry to rain on your parade, but Eastern Europe, except Poland, is facing a complete and total demographic collapse. Not the strong horse you would bet on.
      Therefore, prepare to live under Sharia. Not the Islamic State or Saudi Arabia, but something more like Indonesia or Malaysia

      • we’ll see how the civil war works out……

        • john700

          When there’s no one left to fight on one side, there’s no war.

      • I see.

        I must have read the reports wrongly when they stated outright that the only reason why places the Czech Republic and Hungary aren’t swamped with cousin-marrying van-killers is because they refused to let them in for obvious cultural reasons.

        • john700

          Eastern Europe is facing a total demographic collapse. Studies were done a few years ago warning of reaching the point of no return. It already happened. Muslims and Africans (or Russian soldiers) will just fill the void.

          • Then stop complaining about the inevitable.

          • john700

            I am past complaining, I am looking for a way to survive.

          • Not by saying all is lost.