Does being presidential matter anymore?

Asks Ben Shapiro at Townhall,

It’s tempting to say that it doesn’t. George W. Bush attempted to restore some honor to the office after Clinton spread his bodily juices all over it. The media savaged him anyway, and called him a nincompoop and a dunce and a humiliation to the office. Obama entered on eagle’s wings and promptly used the bully pulpit to attack his enemies and cover for his friends. What difference does it make whether Trump finally strips the mask off the hoity-toity old boys club that the White House represents?

Actually, it does make a difference.

It makes a difference because while we’re always going to have the rough-and-tumble of politics — and we should, because we live in a free country — there’s a whole generation of Americans who have been gradually acclimated to bad behavior by their leaders. Clinton started us down a dark path. Trump stands at the end of the path, thanks, ironically, to the public’s distaste for the Clintons. Trump could have helped restore a sense of honor to the White House. He didn’t. It’s possible in theory that such a failure could help Americans turn to a sort of small-government libertarianism and say to themselves, “Hey, why give these dolts a bunch of power?” Instead, Americans seem to be saying to themselves: “Hey, why do the other guys get to be awful? Why can’t we do it, too?”

The result: a race to the bottom. More.

Reality check: The awkward problem, of course, is that – in terms of fighting back – the progressive can ratchet up violence to a point where no typical traditional North American would go. It is happening first at universities. But, if not checked, it will not stop there.

Social justice = Put middle-aged female prof in hospital for trying to start a discussion

Wisest would be to cut off all public funding to universities that do not subscribe to strict standards of intellectual and academic freedom.

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